Will KGF 2 beat Pushpa? This question is arising in every fans mind after the release of Pushpa. After KGF movie, Pushpa is the one and only south Indian movie to receive so much love from the fans, all over India.

Most of the fans have watched and loved both of the movies, however, now they have started comparing both the movies, as both of these movies did a good amount of box office collection.

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Fans are now looking forward to the KGF 2 movie release, as the movie is coming out in the coming days. Fans have started comparing the box office collection of these 2 movies and now they are predicting the Box office collection of the upcoming movie, KGF 2.

So, below, we have predicted the calculated Box office collection of KGF 2 and will be comparing it the Allu Arjun’s movie, Pushpa. Furthermore, we have collected details on “Will KGF 2 Beat Pushpa?” Have a look.

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Will KGF 2 Beat Pushpa? KGF 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

Will KGF 2 Beat Pushpa?

When it comes to the best South Indian movies that has outperformed Bollywood movies and even some of the Hollywood movies, then there are not a lot of South Indian movies that can be counted on the list.

However, there are some movie which has completely destroyed the release of Bollywood and even Hollywood release. Pushpa and KGF are one of them. These are the South Indian movies that became a massive hit on the OTT as well as cinema halls.

KGF hero, Yash became a overnight sensation after the movie release. The same goes with the Pushpa actor, Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun is already a big name in the South industry and he became more popular after his recent movie release, Pushpa.

Where Pushpa Stands? Will KGF 2 Beat Pushpa?

When it comes to the comparison of KGF vs Pushpa, then clearly Pushpa is the winner here. Pushpa movies has broke all the previous records and became super duper hit. It also broke the record of the Super hit movie, KGF after which this movie came into lime light.

The hindi version of the Pushpa has crossed the lifetime collection of the movie, KGF: Chapter 1. Furthermore, it is one of the highest collection movie of Allu Arjun.

When it comes to the comparison of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa with other top South Indian movies, then the movies stands on No. 4. Yes, the dubbed version of Pushpa stand on #4 in the North Belt.

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KGF 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa was released on December 17, 2021. It just came out one weak ahead of Christmas. However, the Christmas festival did not affected the collection of the movie, because of the pandemic.

However, when it comes to KGF release, at that time there was no pandemic and cinema halls were completely open. So, if you look at this perspective, Pushpa looks the clear winners in terms of collection.

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When it comes to collection of KGF: Chapter 1, then it collected around 250 Cr world wide. However, Pushpa: The Rise collected around 365 Cr which makes it the highest-grossing movie in the industry.

And from this perspective, it looks like Pushpa Vs KGF 2 is not going to be a smooth competition. KGF 2 will definitely bring a healthy competition to Pushpa. Let’s see.

So this was all about Will KGF 2 Beat Pushpa? KGF 2 Box Office Collection Prediction. Hopefully, you will like our approach. If you have any queries or suggestion about this topic, then do let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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