The Dropout episode 4 recap continues the story of Elizabeth as she is trying to build her startup. She is building her own startup, which she had named, Theranos. The show is getting more and more interesting along with a lots of upcoming twists.

Below, we have complete details on The Dropout Episode 4 Recap, Ending Explained, Episode 5 Spoilers. Have a look.

The Dropout Episode 4 Recap, Ending Explained, Episode 5 Spoilers

The Dropout Episode 4 Recap

If you’re a fan of the show “The Dropout,” you know that Elizabeth Holmes is incredibly charismatic, and she somehow convinced people to give her millions of dollars to start a company that she claimed would revolutionize health care.

Elizabeth Holmes started her company, Theranos, when she was just 19 years old. She claimed that her technology could test for hundreds of diseases with just a drop of blood. (Alrpazolam) It seemed like an amazing idea—and an amazing investment too. After all, if Theranos’ technology worked, it would change the world of health care forever.

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She built up an impressive list of investors: some as big as Oracle’s Larry Ellison and Walmart’s Walton family. She also managed to get the Walgreens pharmacy chain to sign on to use Theranos’ blood testing machines in their stores across the country. But the more time passed, the more it became clear that Theranos’ technology simply didn’t work.

Theranos is currently under criminal investigation for fraud, and Elizabeth Holmes is facing criminal charges herself. In this episode, we’re going to dig into how she managed to fool so many people for so long—and what we can learn from this example about how to determine whether or not someone is trustworthy.

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The Dropout Episode 4 Recap: Ending Explained

The Dropout episode 4 recap or the ending begins, when Theranos is facing bankruptcy, two men named Mike and Alex from Fortress Investments show up to save the day.

As we learn in this episode, Elizabeth Holmes was pretty much born into a life that primed her to be a powerful businesswoman. Her father was a top executive at Flextronics, one of the biggest electronics manufacturing companies in the world.

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As a reporter for The Wall Street Journal puts it in Episode 4: “She’s got the pedigree, she’s got the look, she’s got the confidence.”

The Dropout Epidode 4 Recap and Episode 5 Spoilers

First of all we will have a look at The Dropout Episode 4 recap, and then we will move ahead to the spoilers of the upcoming episode.

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In this episode of “The Dropout,” we trace the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, who started a biotech company that was worth $9 billion before it came to be known as one of the biggest frauds in Silicon Valley history.

We explore how Holmes’s charisma and relentless drive convinced investors and employees to believe in her vision. We also examine how she convinced them to ignore their own doubts about her company’s technology.

Holmes has since been charged with wire fraud and conspiracy, and neither she nor Theranos responded to repeated requests for comment from ABC News.

When it comes to The Dropout Episode 5 spoilers, the

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