FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies Why? Also, why is he leaving the show? The episode that premiered yesterday shows the death of Jess Lacroix, and it feels like he might be leaving the show if it is true.

Below, we have complete information on FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies Why? Why is He Leaving Show? Have a look.

FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies Why? Why is He Leaving Show?

FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies Why?

FBI Most Wanted is continuing the story as it is. However, the biggest upcoming history crime has taken its place in the show. The biggest twist of the show has taken place as Jess Lacroix has been killed. He has been killed over the departure of the popular actor of the show, Julian McMahon.

Further, the task force is making a new team leader. While there is not much information about the newcomer in the show, the crime actor, Dylan McDermott is playing a very different role. He is playing a villain whose name is Richard Wheatley.

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The host of the show, David Hudgens has spoken up to CinemaBlend and said that McDermott will be arriving at FBI Most Wanted as a new character which also means that a whole new series is coming on CBS.

Furthermore, we have information that it was completely McMahon’s decision to leave the show. However, we have yet to hear from the writers. This information can be false as well, as the writers have not spoken a single word as the FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies.

When it comes to why is FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies, then we have listed complete information below. Find it out.

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Why is Jess Lacroix Leaving FBI Most Wanted?

Jess Lacroix is dead and every fan of the show wants to know about the death cause of Jess. However, nothing is clear as of now. Fans have to wait a bit longer to know about the death cause. This is because, the episode which premiered last night and showed the death scene of Lacroix, could be a misleading one. So, everyone has to wait for the next episode to air on CBS.

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FBI Most Wanted show ends with Jess’s death. This was guessed by the Showrunner way before when the show did not even premiere. However, even they don’t know about the death cause, and further waiting for the upcoming updates.

The showrunner has leaked multiple spoilers about the upcoming episodes of FBI Most Wanted, but none of the show spoilers had the line of death cause. They have released big statements about the FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies, but none of them explained the death cause, and why this happened.

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In short, Jess Lacroix has been killed. He was on the list of most wanted and is no more alive. When it comes to the death cause, then there is no information about it yet. We have to wait for the upcoming episodes to air on CBS. Till then, just wait and guess.

So this was all about FBI Most Wanted Jess Lacroix Dies Why? Why is He Leaving Show? Hopefully, you will like our approach. If you have any queries or suggestions about this topic, then do let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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