The first two episodes of Severance are dropping on February 18, 2022, and due to this, its fans want to know about the next Severance Episode 3 Release Date. They are wondering when will this next episode going to release. That’s why we have decided to bring this guide about its release date to you.

Here, you will get every information related to the latest Severance Episode 3 Release Date in the USA, India, the UK, Australia, as well as other countries, the streaming platform for this new show, how many episodes are there in this series, as well as other details that you need to know about it. Let’s check out this guide without any delay.

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Severance Episode 3 Release Date
Severance Episode 3 Release Date

Severance is an upcoming thriller television show for which a lot of people are excited. Dan Erickson is the creator of this new show. This show is set at Lumon Industries. In this industry, a “severance” program is used to separate the non-work memories of their employees from their work memories. That employees’ team is led by Mark.

This new show is premiering on February 18, 2022. Only two episodes will release on that day. The remaining episodes will release on a weekly schedule.

Severance Episode 3 Release Date

The good news for you is that the upcoming Severance Episode 3 Release Date is revealed and it will be released soon. According to the release schedule of this show, Severance Episode 3 Release Date is set for February 25, 2022. It means that you will get this new episode the next week after the premiere of this show. Only the first two episodes are released on the premiere day i.e. on February 18, 2022.

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How many episodes are there in Severance?

This new television show will consist of only 9 episodes. Even the second season of this show is confirmed and you will get it around late 2022 or early 2023. Its total episode count is not revealed yet.

Where to Watch Severance?

It is an Apple Original show. So, you can watch it on Apple TV+. This show can be watched without any extra cost if you have an active subscription to Apple TV+. Apple TV+ subscription is available in various countries, so you can easily enjoy it. Keep in mind that the availability of this show will vary according to your region.

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Severance Episode 3 Release Date

List of all Severance Episodes

Here is the list of all episodes of the first season of this show. The list contains all nine episodes of Severance.

  1. “Good News About Hell”
  2. “Half Loop”
  3. “In Perpetuity”
  4. “The You You Are”
  5. “The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design”
  6. “Hide and Seek”
  7. “Defiant Jazz”
  8. “What’s for Dinner?”
  9. “The We We Are”

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Here are the main casts of this new show.

  • Adam Scott as Mark
  • Britt Lower as Helly
  • John Turturro as Irving
  • Christopher Walken as Burt
  • Patricia Arquette as Peggy
  • Jen Tullock as Devon
  • Zach Cherry as Dylan
  • Tramell Tillman as Milchick
  • Yul Vazquez as Petey
  • Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey
  • Ethan Flower as Angelo
  • Michael Chernus

The Last Word

At the end of this article, we are expecting that you have got all details about the upcoming Severance Episode 3 Release Date in various regions, where can you watch this show online, its total episode count, and much more. So, be ready to enjoy this new episode the next week. In case you have any doubts related to this new series in the comments below, feel free to ask us in the comments below. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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