Recently season 2 of this series has been released and now fans are searching for Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack. After watching the previously released episode the fans have fallen in love with the soundtrack of this season and they want to know all the names of the song. To find out all the details about this topic all of them are searching over the internet.

If you are also looking for the same thing then now you have reached your destination because in this article we are going to provide all the details about Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack, All Songs, Episode 2 Release Date, Where to Watch Online, UK, Australia, South Africa. Just read this article till the end you will find all the details.

Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack: All You Need To Know

Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack

It is an American television series and it is created by Sam Levinson. It is based on a story of an Israeli television mini-series of the same name. It was aired on 16 June 2019 on its official platform which is HBO.

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The story of this series will pursue the life of school students high school students as they scuffle with issues of drugs, sex and violence. The series concentrates on the relationship between two young girls trying to find their place in the world. In the series, the creators have tried to focus on the life of high school students that show they get trapped in drug and their other emotional problems. If you want to know about this series in detail then click here.

Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack

Now in this paragraph, we are going to tell you about Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack. Below you will find all the songs of season 2. Find out the details below.

  • Right Down the Line GERRY RAFFERTY
  • Don’t Be Cruel by Billy Swan
  • Look At Grandma by Bo Diddley
  • Jump Into The Fire by Harry Nilsson
  • Think (Instrumental) by Curtis Mayfield
  • Dirty Work by Steely Dan
  • I Want Action By Poison
  • I Walk On Guilded Splinters By Johnny Jenkins
  • Who Am I By The O’ Jays
  • Hit “Em Up By 2PAC
  • Nate Growing Up By Labrinth
  • Hypnotize (2014 Remastered Version) By The Notorious BIG
  • Hypnotize-2007 Remaster By The Notorius BIG
  • The Lake By Labrinth
  • Died In Your Dreams By Cutting Crew
  • It Never Rains In The Southern Calfornia
  • Just My Luck By David Fredericks
  • Dirt By B.O.B
  • Party Up By DMX
  • Madonna By DMX

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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

After revealing Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack now we are going to tell you the release date of this upcoming episode. The name of the second episode is “Out of Touch” and it is going to release on 16 January 2022. So finally the wait for this upcoming episode is going to be over very soon. You will be able to watch it along with your friend and family on the given date.

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In this article, we almost concluded all the points related to Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack. Like we share the list of all the songs of season 2 and When episode 2 of this season is going to release and some details about this series. All the information that we share here is from official sources.

Even now if you are having any doubt in your mind regarding Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack, then you can share your question with us below in the comments section.

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