A lot of people were asking to write about Chynna Phillips’s personal life and Chynna Phillips Husband. So we are here with a properly researched article. You will get to know every detail about Chynna Phillips Husband and her personal life. Not only this, but we will discuss a lot more topics about her. Such as Kids and her net worth for 2021. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with our main topic, which is Chynna Phillips Husband.

Chynna Phillips Husband

Chynna phillips husband
Chynna Phillips husband

Chynna Phillips Husband is William Baldwin. They met in Bladwin acting in 1991 and stood together, Then after 4 years in 1995 they got married. Now they have children. We will talk about their children’s in next point. Let’s get started.

Chynna Phillips Kids

Chynna Phillips and William Baldwin had three kids together. All of them are Jameson Baldwin, Brooke Baldwin, and their son Vance Baldwin. They currently have only three kids, it is sure that they will not be having any more kids in their life. In these kids, Jameson is the older one and Vance is younger in all three.

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Chynna Phillips Age

Chynna was born on 12 February 1968. According to the current year, she is now 53 years old.

Who Is Chynna Phillips?

Chynna Phillips is a singer and an actress. She is also a member of a vocal group called Wilson Phillips. She is the daughter of Mama’s and Papa’s band members and that is why she loves the music a lot. She is a perfect singer, it is because music is in her blood now. Chynna have two siblings and both are in the acting, One is Mackenzie, she is 61 years old. The second one is, Bijou Phillips.

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That was all about Chynna Phillips, I hope now you will understand her better.

How Chynna Phillips Related To Alec Baldwin

Many people yet do not know that Alec Baldwin and Chynna both are related to each other. I will explain how. Chynna is married to William Baldwin and Alec Baldwin is a brother of William Baldwin. So Alec is related to Chynna from her In-Laws family. (sonoma.com)

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Alec Baldwin is in a lot of trouble right now for firing a gun on a film set with live rounds. But we are not here to talk about him. So let’s get straight back on the topic.

Chynna Phillips Net Worth 2021

This is the most asked question until now. So answers to these questions are a must. So let’s get started with this too.

Starting with 2020. In 2020 Chynna’s net worth was around 6 million per year. This is all she earned throughout the year from everything, including acting singing and etc.

In 2021, this graph seems not to change, not even a bit. She earned same in the 2021. This means her net worth for 2021 is 6 million too. But there are still a couple of months left to pass by, it could be increased by half-million or it could just stay on the number it is right now. This is just a prediction for the next two months. Because nobody knows what could happen to these graphs in the next two months. But we will update this article with the latest information if anything changes.


In this article, I have told you all about Chynna Phillips Husband, and her personal life. Everything shared in this article is 100% true information. If there is something in your mind left unanswered, you can comment below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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