[Chingari App] Gari Token Price in India

Chingari is a popular short video platform in India Launched in 2018. This short video app has millions of users in India. Now This app has launched its own social crypto token as well as NFT Marketplace. In this article, we also see about Chingari App’s Gari Token price in India. The Crypto market currently booming all over the world and the Chingari app wants to take advantage of it. Chingari is well funded startup and this Gari Token and NFT marketplace were launched by India one of the biggest superstar Salman Khan.

Gari Token Price in India
Gari Token Price in India

Crypto Token and NFT Marketplace

There are millions of Indians who are already invested in cryptocurrency. Therefore this is good news for the Indian cryptocurrency Community. Now many crypto enthusiast wants to know about [Chingari App] Gari Token Price in India. Gari will be first social crypto-token in India, which will enables creators to monetize their content in a better way. Chingaris co founder sumit ghosh said that this token can be aquired by users by watching or creating content in chingari app. Also, this token will act as a governance token as well for future improvements or changes in app. The exact price of Gari Token Price in India is not known yet.

[Chingari App] Gari Token Price in India | Crypto Token and NFT Marketplace

This Gari crypto token is based on the Solana blockchain. Also, Chingari has launched its NFT Market place. As a brand ambassador Salman Khan is also launching his own NFT collection on this platform. Using this marketplace and gari tokens Chingari users can also set up their e-commerce to sell and buy NFTs of various artists and their own.


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