Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date is revealed and is going to be premiered very shortly. You guys are going to enjoy this awesome Japanese manga series illustrated by Ken Wakui. Tokyo Revengers fans do not have to wait much for upcoming episodes. Due to this Tokyo Revengers fans are excited about it when will be they able to watch the new episode 19. In this article, We will give you a  complete guide.

After reading the article you will get to know detailed information about upcoming Tokyo Revengers Episodes 19 Release Date in the USA, UK, India, and other regions of the world and where to watch this new episode, and other related details. Continue to explore our article to know the details and release date of the show and other episodes without any delay.

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 19

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date Revealed

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Before disclosing the release date of Tokyo Revengers Episode 19, I would like to give you some brief information about the Tokyo Revengers show. Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular and interesting Japanese Manga series that animated science fiction television shows that is popular among his fans which are written by Ken Wakui. Manga is comics which is originated in Japan, most people use to read the manga of all ages, they refer to manga word for comics and cartooning also. It is an amazing animated action-thriller and science fiction television show which includes extended fighting, violence, physical feats, as it is science fiction so it will deal with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as Advance science and technology, space exploration, and time travel. This animated science fiction show is directed by Koichi Hatsumi and it gained a lot of fans due to its interesting storyline. You guys are also going to enjoy this awesome action-thriller television show. Tokyo Revengers authority had already released seventeen episodes in the year 2021. You might have watched previous episodes, if not then you must watch all the episodes released previously to relate to the upcoming series and understand them properly.

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We had mentioned below all the episodes which are released previously:-

Title                   Directed By

  1. Reborn           Makoto Tamagawa
  2. Resist             Saori Tachibana
  3. Resolve          Katsuya Asano
  4. Return           Takanori Ono
  5. Releap            Takanori Yano
  6. Regret            Rion Kujō
  7. Revive            Yū Harima
  8. Rechange      Makoto Tamagawa
  9. Revolt           Aimi Yamauchi
  10. Rerise           Yū Harima
  11. Respect        Ryūhei Aoyagi
  12. Revenge       Ken’ichi Kuhara
  13. Odds and Ends  Fumihiro Ueno
  14. Break up      Daiki Handa
  15. No Pain, no gain  Kana Kawana
  16. Once upon a time  Rion Kujō
  17. No way          Ryūhei Aoyagi

The first episode of Tokyo Revengers, the name is “Reborn” written by Yasuyuki Muto premiered on April 11, 2021. After that with a time gap of seven days on every Sunday, new episodes are being released so folks do not have to worry about timing, you could enjoy on your weekends with your family and friends. As you can observe their pattern, new episodes are being premiered with a time gap of seven, and Episode 18, “Open Fire” is going to be premiered on Aug 8, 2021. You could expect Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date after 1 week or next Sunday after the release of episode 18.

Conclusion: Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date

Hope you got detailed information about Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date and much more info related to this from our article. If you peeps are having any queries and doubts, you could ask in our comment box. We are here to clear your problems so feel free to ask anything related to Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date or any information. For the exact Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date visit our website soon we will update after the official announcement but most probably it will be premiered 1 week after the release of episode 18.

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