The latest Nioh 2 Update 1.27 is released and now you can update this game to this latest version. This update has added some new features as well as fixed a lot of bugs in the game. Due to this, all gamers want to know about these changes.

Here, you will get the complete details about the latest Nioh 2 Update 1.27, its patch notes, the downloading guide, update file size, and other information related to this latest update. Let’s explore the complete details about this latest update and its patch notes without any delay.

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nioh 2 update 1.27

Nioh 2 Update 1.27 Released

Nioh 2 is a popular action Role Playing Game that you can enjoy on various gaming platforms. This game is actually both prequel as well as the sequel to the Nioh game. The developer of this game regularly brings updates to make the gameplay better. Today, the latest Nioh 2 Update 1.27 is released for various gaming platforms.

You can now download this latest update on your device. Currently, the exact update file size of this latest update is unknown. But we will provide it as soon as possible.

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How to Update Nioh 2?

You can easily update this game on your gaming platform. If you have enabled the automatic update of this game, it will be updated automatically. Otherwise, you will have to manually update this game on your gaming platforms.

On PC, you will have to update this game through Steam. If you have chosen Automatic updates or prioritized it, it will be updated automatically. If you have chosen to update this game during the launch, it will be only updated when you will start the game.

On PS4, you will have to select this game using the ‘Options’ button. After that, you have to click on ‘Check for Updates’. Now, the latest update of this game will be checked and installed on your PS4. In a similar way, you can update this game on your PS5.

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Nioh 2 Update 1.27 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes of this latest update of Nioh 2. Read them completely to know about the changes made to the game through this latest update.

Additional Features

  • Added support for keyboard & mouse input iconsThis setting can be switched via “System” ⇒ “Keyboard & Mouse Settings” ⇒ “Control Icons”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Burst Counters from being used against certain enemies’ Burst Attacks when “Frame Rate Cap” was set to 120
  • Further improvements have been made to address the issue of frame rate degradation when “Effect Quality” is set to “High” in “Graphics Settings”
  • Shadows are now enabled in cutscenes even when the “Shadows” setting in “Graphics Settings” is set to “OFF”
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the fog in stages to appear brighter than expected
  • The screen resolution of 1366×768 can now be selected when the desktop resolution is 1360×768
  • Changed the settings in “Keyboard & Mouse Settings” ⇒ “Key Configuration” for camera operation via mouse in “Photo mode”
  • Fixed an issue where some effects would not display in the cutscene, “A Summons to War”
  • Fixed an issue that occurred with facial expressions while using the “Dragon Ninja” Transformation
  • The window menu is no longer included in the image data copied to the clipboard when posting character creation settings on Twitter
  • Other minor bug fixes

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Conclusion: Nioh 2 Update 1.27

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the latest Nioh 2 Update 1.27, its patch notes, the downloading guide, update file size, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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