Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Hussein, who was named as one of the 19 suspects for the two Palm Sunday suicide bomb attacks on Coptic Christian Churches in northern Egypt, has turned himself to the authorities.

Hussein, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, was one of the suspects on the list published by the interior Ministry on Monday. He has turned himself in at a prosecutor’s office in the Qena Governorate and has been transferred to the National Security Agency headquarters for questioning.

Last week the authorities have identified Mohamed Baghdadi as the suicide bomber responsible for the attack in the Tanta church that killed 27 and injured 78. He was identified through CCTV footage and DNA testing. Baghdadi comes from Upper Qena, the Governorate where most of the suspects are believed to be from.

The other assault was on Alexandria’s St Mark’s cathedral, which took the life of 17 and wounded 48.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks via its Aamaq media agency. Shortly before the attacks the terror group has identified Christians as “infidels empowering the West against Muslims” and threatened to step up attacks against them.

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