Battle Through the Heavens is a Chinese television series that premiered in 2018 and is based on Tiancan Tudou’s novel Doupo Cangqiong. Battle Through The Heavens Season 6 Release Date is out now. Leo Wu, Lin Yun, Baron Chen, Li Qin, Xin Zhilei, and Liu Meitong feature in the film. Hunan TV broadcasted the series from September 3 to October 25, 2018.

The son of Xiao Zhan (Yu Rongguang) and Gu Wenxin is Xiao Yan (Leo Wu) (Carman Lee). Xiao Yan’s mother was murdered by enemies when he was nine years old, and his father never mentioned it. His martial art made no development until he was fifteen years old since his mother’s ring absorbed all of his advancement. After making touch with the ring, Xiao Yan runs into the old man Yao Chen (Baron Chen). Xiao Yan makes enormous strides in martial arts with the support of Yao Chen and learns of the major motivator, his mother’s death.

Xiao Yan enrolls at Jianan Academy and meets new people. After being framed and almost escaping, he discovers that his family is doomed. Xiao Yan boldly picked a single individual to confront the forces of evil in order to avenge his mother’s death as well as Jianghu’s justice.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date
Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date

Battle Through the Heavens Cast and Characters

Main Characters

  1. Xiao Yan is played by Leo Wu (Shi Xiaosong (young)).

A master of the martial arts. Disciple of the Medicine Lord, younger son of the Xiao family. After his mother died when he was nine, he lost his powers, but after meeting his instructor, Yao Chen, he quickly regains them.

  1. Lin Yun as Xiao Xun’er, a Gu tribe descendant.

She was adopted by Xiao Yan’s family when she was a child and is devoted to him. Due to Xiao Yan sneaking into her room to utilize his Dou Qi to strengthen her bones as a youngster, she has had a love on him since infancy. Becomes the Gu Clan’s Dragon Mother.

  1. Yao Chen is Baron Chen’s alter ego.

Previous master of the Xing Yun pavilion, the Medicine Lord. Teacher of Xiao Yan. Former instructor of Xiao Yan’s mother.

  1. Li Qin as Xiao Yixian, Ice King’s Daughter Xiao Yan’s close companion. Her body is riddled with several types of poison.
  2. Xin Zhilei as the Snake tribe’s Medusa Queen.
  3. Nalan Yanran Descendant of the Nalan clan, Liu Meitong. Yunlan sect young mistress Former fiancée of Xiao Yan, who called off their engagement after he lost his skills. She did, however, agree to a three-year contract with Xiao Yan to battle for their respective clans’ prides.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date is not officially out yet.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date will be available soon though so no need to worry.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date and Overview

Name of the AnimeBattle Through the Heavens
GenresFantasy, Adventure, Romance
Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release DateApril 1, 2022
Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date DayApril 1, 2022

Platforms where you can Watch Battle Through the Heavens Season 6

You can watch all seasons of Battle Through the Heavens on VIKI site.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Spoilers

There’s a “continuation” of Battle Through the Heavens where the author wrote a bit about Xiao Yan and his family in his latest book Da Zhu Zai where Xiao Yan and his family moved from his home world (which is considered one of the lower realms) to the Da Qian Shi Jie (a higher realm where the stronger level humans are like clouds in the sky(for example, there are at least three Dou Di levels in that world) and he kinda Dou Di’s status was the same as that of an early stage celestial sovereign in that realm.

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Xiao Yan built everlasting fire territory in the realm’s northern section after getting there. After barging into an old clan and defeating their ancestor before stealing a heavenly flame, he became renowned. As a result, he was given the title of Flame Emperor. He rules as the Flame Emperor Xiao Yan in one of the kingdoms, and he is regarded as one of the world’s top specialists due to his might and might.

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