Pokemon Go is a reality game for Android and iOs devices following the popular Nintendo’s popular and best-selling Pokemon game. The game was developed by Niantic, a San Franciso-based game developer, and was released in 2016. Since then, Pokemon Go became a global hit which led to the birth of Pokemon Go Frappuccino by Starbucks.

In fact, Pokemon Go has the world’s highest revenue record for any mobile game in its first month according to the Guinness World Records. It was the most downloaded since its launch date with most downloads coming from Android users (69%) while the remaining 31% is from iOS devices.

If you are still into Pokemon up to these days but is restricted to go out to catch Pokemons due to the COVID19 scare, you might be using a spoofing app. It may be more fun while staying in the comfort of your home, but is it safe to use iPogo for Pokemon Go?

Is iPogo safe?

The same with other spoofing applications, using iPogo for Pokemon Go will get you the “red” warning. This spoofing app has been known for warnings, so you can use this at your own risk.

Given that you played Pokemon Go for fun and adventure, the game gets more fun knowing you have to take a risk like the possibility of having your account suspended or banned. Besides, it is just a game and you are supposed to enjoy it. So, do not take it seriously.

Is iPogo better?

There have been a lot of spoofing applications available and iPogo is one of the most utilized apps. But despite its popularity, iPogo cannot shy away from controversies and comparisons from other existing spoofing applications which we will discuss below.

Aside from providing free access to all Pokemon Go gamers, iPogo offers amazing features that you can take advantage of at no cost.

  • You get updated newsfeed on quests, nests, raids, and Pokemon Go appearances.
  • iPogo gives you access to a map where you can look and find areas where appearances of Pokemon Go happen.
  • iPogo spoofing app allows you to add routes to your favorite places and locations.
  • The hide or display elements feature gives you more space to play freely. With this simple but convenient feature, you can focus and enjoy your adventure more.
  • iPogo also provides inventory as well as stats information.
  • It also allows you to move the map where you can see the stops, gyms in any area, and the Pokemon Go characters regardless if it’s near or far.
  • iPogo is easy to install and available for Android and iOS devices/
  • iPogo lets you filter specific Pokemon Go characters, the level of gym raid that you are interested to join, or the type of team members who are at the stops.

If you want to have a basic Pokemon Go spoofer with fair features without having to pay, then iPogo is the best choice. Take your Pokemon Go experience to the next level without the need to leave home.

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