As one of the most popular apps on the planet, WhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the features that users love about WhatsApp is that it is free to use except for the Internet charges.

It also works even without a SIM card as long as an account is already registered using a mobile number that you own. But most users are asking for more because they see something that can be improved.

This includes the possibility of having a backup of WhatsApp chats.

Why back up WhatsApp chats?

Some of you might be wondering why you need to create a backup of your WhatsApp chats. Here are some of the popular reasons why people do it.

  • Backing up of data will ensure that you will not lose your chats, shared photos, or videos.
  • This will also ensure that you can load your account and data onto a new device in a flash.
  • You can use this data when you access it on other apps such as GBWhatsApp.

How to backup WhatsApp chats?

Backing up WhatsApp chats is allowed in the app itself. The downside is that old chat backups will be overwritten after a new one is created.

You can do this on your Android or Apple mobile devices.

One way of avoiding that is to export chats via email but it can also have some limitations. That is why a new option has been introduced to enable backing up chats from WhatsApp.

How to backup chats using GBWhatsApp?

If you are already using the official WhatsApp, you might be wondering how to backup your chats using GBWhatsApp. Well, you have to uninstall WhatsApp after backing up chats option.

Back up your chats on WhatsApp by going to the app’s Settings on your mobile device. Then, tap Chats and then select the Backup chats option. This will keep all your messages backed up.

If you want to do it on GBWhatsApp, then you need to install the app first. But you have to uninstall WhatsApp from the Settings. Then, go to the Apps page and find WhatsApp.

You will see an option to Uninstall the app by tapping the link. However, do not clear the data when prompted. Your chats from WhatsApp will be restored in GBWhatsApp by following the following steps.

  • Go to File manager and open the Storage which can either be external or internal depending on the location of your app. Then, look for the folder named WhatsApp.
  • Simply rename that folder to GBWhatsApp.
  • Once renamed, you will find a folder named Media where you can see subfolders attributed to WhatsApp. Rename each of them to GBWhatsApp.
  • Then go to the App Drawer and open GBWhatsApp. You will be asked for the mobile number you are using just as you would on WhatsApp.
  • A verification code will be sent to that number which will be used to confirm your account.
  • You will also be prompted to decide what to do on the chat backup. Simply press Restore and the WhatsApp chat backup can be accessed using GBWhatsApp.

This will be a very useful method if you are planning to use GBWhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp.

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