Just in case AnimeDao and KissAnime cannot be accessed due to being shut down, there are still alternatives available to be able to continue watching and streaming your favorite anime shows or series online.

With these alternatives, you do not have to be deprived of watching popular anime series and shows which are a great source of entertainment while at home or outside.

Here are some websites with huge collections of HD anime shows in different languages and genres:


The site’s interface is clean and easy to use. The search bar on the homepage allows you to search for your favorite anime shows and movies.

Users can stream English dubbed content in HD from their collection of over 20,000 content and can be accessed through manual search or in alphabetical order.

Anime freaks can enjoy English dubbed anime movies and shows for more enjoyable viewing pleasure.


Do not forget this AnimeDao and KissAnime alternative if you are an anime or manga fanatic who does not understand Japanese. Enjoy high quality anime movies, manga, Asian drama, and anime soundtracks that you can browse by category, alphabetically, or by using the search bar on the top right corner of their homepage.

Search by genre list is also available to filter results. Not only that, take advantage of the free downloads so you can still watch popular anime movies, shows, and series even while offline. For all things anime, Chia-Anime is the answer.

Anime Planet

Watch, stream, and discover anime and manga from Anime Planet’s 45,000 online collections. “Popular anime week”, “newest anime recommendations”, “newest manga recommendations” are featured on the main page for easy access.

Anime and manga lovers will love the “Community” section where you read anime reviews, manga reviews, and participate in an online forum to interact with fellow anime fanatics. Account registration is required to watch or stream anime on their site.


Watch your favorite anime series and movies in varying video quality from 480p, 720p, to 1080p. Skip the hassle of reading subtitles for popular anime shows and series are dubbed in English.

Masterani gives anime fanatics free access to their impressive collection of content which are available from A to Z. You search for shows by genre including adventure, animation, crime, mystery, harem, thriller, action, and so much more.


Sign up for a free account using your existing social media or Google mail account to steam anime and manga. Join the member’s forum and read blogs and news related to anime and manga to get updates on your favorite shows or movies.

Make use of the search bar to look for popular shows or browse through the “updated episode videos” section. The “top airing anime” section is another way to see popular content for free.

Just a friendly reminder, the majority of these AnimeDao and KissAnime alternatives are not legally authorized to upload anime and manga shows for online streaming. Accessing these alternatives means doing it at your own risk.

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