With millions of users around the world, GBWhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular modded apps today. And if you’re one of its loyal users, you can’t risk losing all your chats and conversations on the app in case you lose your phone or it gets corrupted.

The good news is, you can now create and restore backup in GBWhatsApp so you don’t have to worry about losing important files ever again. To make this possible, you have three options.

First, you can download a backup on GBWhatsApp and restore it on the same app, whether you’re using the same mobile device or a new one. You also have the option to create a backup and restore it on the original WhatsApp Messenger or you can create an official WhatsApp backup and restore it in GBWhatsApp.

Creating a GBWhatsApp backup

Start by launching the app and going to “Chats.” Choose the icon with three horizontal lines on the upper right corner and select “Settings.” Go to “Chats” and choose “Chat backup” to generate a backup of all your files.

You’ll get notified once the process has been completed. You will find your backup files on the local directory within your phone’s memory, so you need to copy those files on a safer location by accessing them through tools like ES File Explorer. You can then save the files on your computer or laptop for future use.

Restoring the backup on GBWhatsApp

If you’re restoring GBWhatsApp files on the same app, you need to copy the backup folder back into the phone’s internal storage. You can then install the app and wait for it to request permission to access your contacts and search for backups.

Since you cannot put the backup file on Google Drive but on a backup folder on your internal storage, the app will instantly recognize that there’s a backup available and you can just choose “Restore” to have it restored back to the app.

Restoring the backup on WhatsApp Messenger

Following the same process in backing up you file, find your GBWhatsApp folder on your internal storage and rename it to WhatsApp.

Then, you can already download WhatsApp Messenger where you’ll be asked the same permission to acces your contacts and backup files. Like GBWhatsApp, the app will also recognize a backup file and you just need to choose “Restore” to get the process done.

Restoring the backup on GBWhatsApp

Finally, you can go the other way around by creating a backup on WhatsApp Messenger and restoring it on GBWhatsApp. Follow the same steps in creating a backup, only this time, you’re doing it for files on WhatsApp Messenger. You should also rename the file from WhatsApp Messenger to GBWhatsApp.

You can then download GBWhatsApp and wait for the prompt that says that a backup has been found where you can simply press “Restore” to get the restoration process started. Are you ready to try one of these methods?

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