Losing chat messages and conversations on your GBWhatsApp can be frustrating especially if these are saved for specific reasons. But knowing how to restore and back up your data will save yourself the stress of losing valuable or sentimental information on your phone.

Before we jump to how to restore and back up GBWhatsApp steps, here’s an overview of what the app is all about.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is the modified version of the original and genuine messaging app developed by a third party.

It basically works like WhatsApp but with additional functions that cannot be found in the original messaging application. And GBWhatApp is a “clone” and does not have authorization from the legitimate owners of the app, this is not available on Google Play. 

Instead, GBWhatsApp can be accessed from other online sources.

Despite being a WhatsApp MOD, many users are known to have downloaded this application due to some special functions that users have long been looking forward to having in the official WhatsApp app.

These include the ability to use two different mobile numbers at the same time on the same app, the option to hide status, and last seen time. GBWhatsApp can also share files and send audio files, make video calls, and send messages.

How to restore GBWhatsApp backup on the same app

First, locate the GBWhatsApp file then copy it from the source to the internal storage of your phone. If you saved it on your computer, simply connect the phone to your PC using a USB cable. Then, copy the backup file to your phone’s storage device.

Then, open the app and go to the internal storage folder. Then, locate the “downloads” folder.

From there, look for GBWhatsApp. Long press the folder until you see the “copy” option displayed on the screen. Select “copy”, go back to the previous folder, and paste the back-up folder where you can see the rest of the applications installed on your phone.

Now, open the GBWhatsApp application, but do not use the first option to restore contacts or select the option to copy the data. Instead, select the “verify your number’ option.

GBWhatsApp will then ask for permission to access your contacts and search for backups stored on Google Drive (but you can always ignore this part as your backup is not on Google Drive).

The app will then notify you of the available backup (the one you just copied to your phone’s internal memory). Accept to restore the backup by selecting/tapping “restore”.

Remember that restoring your GBWhatsApp backup depends on the size of the file. It may just a couple of minutes or longer.

You will be notified once the backup has been successfully restored, including the details and number of recovered messages. Just press the “next” button after the notification to complete the reconfiguration of your backup settings at the same time to be able to access your GBWhatsApp messages.


The process is not that complicated as long as you know how to follow instructions.

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