To say that the popularity of Minecraft is mind blowing would probably be an understatement. What started as a simple sandbox video game in 2011 is now one of the world’s most played games and fans are looking forward to any new updates for Minecraft to get a step ahead of the game, and they are not disappointed every time.

But if you’re one of those looking for Mods that allow you to play Minecraft without paying for premium features, a new Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Mod was released a few days ago and here’s what you can get from it:

The new features

Aside from Minecraft’s existing features, here are new additions to the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Mod:

  • The fox and arctic fox are now added and they can be attacked by polar bears when they are out as arctic variants during snowy climates.
  • Foxes can pick up and carry items in their mouths. They can eat what they’re carrying with some positive results at times. Trusted foxes can also defend trusted players.
  • Several new features are added in the experimental toggle and coordinates are now tab-completed when writing commands.
  • Pandas now spawn in jungles while stray cats spawn in villages. Phantoms are afraid of cats and cats can be tamed using fish.
  • Ocleots are no longer tamable but players can feed ocleots to gain their trust.
  • Players can find bamboo while fishing in jungles and they may also appear in some chests.

Mod 1 and 2

There are two new mods available for this version and their features include:

  • Mod 1. Unlocked premium textures and skins
  • Mod 2. All paid content is open although the efficiency of some texture packs, templates and worlds may not be guaranteed, check for lysesia is already removed, weapons can kill with one hit, and all weapons and tools will not break. A player may also achieve immortality. Other updates include unlimited breath, infinite furnace fire, max score and inventory size.
  • Mod 3. Unlocked features and menu.

The new Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Mod will definitely be another hit for Minecraft players around the world. And this year is just getting started so we can definitely look forward to better updates as 2020 rolls on.

After all, Minecraft is the most popular intellectual game in the world and Mojang Studios will surely keep on improving its features to let players enjoy the game more.

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