If you are searching for an app which allows you to download and get all the free hacked, tweaked apps, emulators, games for iOS 9, 10, 11 and 12 and bypasses app restrictions without the need of Cydia or jailbreak then this would be the right app for you called IPA Library. This is a third-party store where you can download the app without payment required and this is best for non jailbreakers.

Updated IPA Library version 2.0 is already available to download in App Store. This Installer has Huge Library of Cranked Apps and Tweaks and You can Download those Cranks onto your iPhone or iPad Without any Jailbreak compared to the old version app installers.

IPA Library is a web-based application before but recently developer made it like an app, where you can get all the Tweaked apps and games from there. 

There are many app stores available for non-jailbreak Cydia Tweaks Download and Compared to Other popular Stores, this is one of the best because it Offers Emulator, screen recorder and Hacked Games for Installers. 

Issues raised by the users of the app and the ways to resolve it:

Can’t Download Application

  • This will occur when there is an IPA Library already installed on the device which means there was a conflict by the time it attempted to download.

Untrusted App Developer

  • This notification appears once Apple doesn’t know the Developer, so you need configure the settings to trust the developer.

Profile Installation Failed Error

  • Usually, this would happen when the servers are busy because too many people are trying to download the app. So, you need to wait for an hour or two for the system to reload or clear cache and deleting browsing history in your apple device.

Invalid Argument Supplied

  • This happens if the app is outdated. Deleting and reinstalling the app, would fix it.

White or Blank Screen

  • Unknown sources would affect the screen to turn white or blank. Easiest way to resolve is to clear browsing history.


  • Active internet connection.
  • Third-party app stores like mStore, TweakBox.
  • iOS versions which are above iOS 7+.
  • iDevices which are above the iPhone 5.
  • No more need to Jailbreak iDevices.

Apps recently updated through IPA Library are PopcornTime, Instagram, Instagram Rocket, Twitter, Pokemon Go, Spotify, Youtube and Twitch. IPA Library release some application updates every now and then.

How to Use IPA Library App:

Downloading IPA Library is easy and using the app, well that’s even easier:

  1. Look on your home screen for the app icon and tap it
  2. Choose the category you want and tap on it
  3. Either browse what’s on offer or use the search bar to find a specific app or game
  4. Tap the app or game you want to download and follow the on-screen instructions

When it is downloaded, the new icon will be visible on your home page and ready for you to use.

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  1. That was nice article, iPA Library is one of the most popular third-party AppStore which provides paid apps and games for free.

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