Have you ever heard about the new app store named QooApp? If not, then you should read this article because here are some valuable information that may help you understand more about this popular app.

What Is QooApp?


Basically, QooApp is an alternative market for people who love Asian video games. You can download games directly to your smartphone or tablet using this app. You will get a range of games inspired by Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Saint Seiya, among other famous franchises.

You will be able to download games available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Google Play Stores. You may even take advantage of Indie games that you can download using the most recent version of QooApp.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is quite easy to use as it is divided into different tabs.

  • The first one has a list of video games categorized via popularity
  • Second, you can find games listed to come out soon
  • The third option is a list of different events

Is It Safe To Download?

There is a common question going on over the Internet regarding the safety and security of QooApp. Well, if you begin to use the app, you will know that it is safe to use it since it requires no special permissions. So you are guaranteed that your calls, contacts, Internet connection, and other apps will be safe.

That being said, you can download QooApp APK directly from the official website and not from a third-party store. The problem with some third-party app stores is that some of the apps they carry have been tampered with deliberately with the intent to infiltrate devices.

Installing QooApp

  • Download the APK file for QooApp from the official website
  • You can download the file directly to your Android device or you can do the other option by downloading it to your computer and later transfer it to your mobile device via a data cable
  • Run the installation process by tapping the downloaded APK file from the Downloads folder
  • After the installation, you can run the app and games geo-locked from China, Japan, and Korea, among other regions.

Playing Geo-Locked Games

If you are looking to play Asian mobile games but noticed that you are unable to download it, then you might be accessing geo-locked games. Geo-locked games are only accessible in particular regions and they might not be available to you.

One of the most convenient ways of accessing these games on your Android device is via a VPN service. Take note that Google Play Store will work on your IP address. So it tracks your location and shows apps available only within your region.

For that reason, you need to have a VPN service that will change your true location. With a VPN server, you can access the Google Play Store of a particular region that you like. For instance, you can pick PureVPN or IPvanish to access Japanese or Korean Play Store to play region-locked games.

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