One of the biggest questions we get asked on a continual basis is whether or not we know anything about a potential PS4 emulator out there.

And we have the same answer that we’ve had for months: Don’t hold your breath because you might pass out.

There’s not a single legitimate PS4 emulator out there although that doesn’t mean that talented programmers aren’t trying.

Something to consider though is that, outside of the console’s exclusives, which are many, cracking the PlayStation 4 and pushing out an emulator doesn’t have the appeal for hackers that it once had.


Well, the biggest reason is probably because most of the games that show up on consoles end up showing up on Steam for PC. Why would you stress out cracking a PS4 or Xbox One game when you could just do that to the PC version? Like we said, there is a demand out there for the PS4 exclusive games but there aren’t that many out there.

Back in the day, consoles and PC games were extremely divergent in style and substance. Now they’re pretty much the same. What are you going to do about it? It’s just a sign of the times.

If you need something to consider beyond that, however, think about this: Most of the PS4 “emulators” out there are fake hacker projects. You definitely won’t be downloading a PlayStation 4 emulator, but you might be downloading some malware that will ruin your system and your day.

That’s why one of the biggest warnings we have to give you about anything claiming to be a PlayStation 4 emulator is to be extremely careful. It’s probably a fake and it is probably dangerous beyond that.

We understand that it might be alluring to try it out. But you really shouldn’t do it. There’s not one legitimate program out there. Not one. In fact, you might be better off just buying a PlayStation 4 and getting the game you want, especially if your computer is expensive. Any program out there claiming to be a PS4 emulator is most assuredly some kind of scamware.

To review, you wouldn’t be saving any money, you could possibly ruin your computer, and you might even have your data stolen. When you consider all of that, is it worth it to save some money ripping some PS4 games on an emulator, even if you could?

That’s not to say that there will NEVER be a PlayStation 4 emulator. And, since Sony is going all in on backwards compatibility for the PS5, the chances are even more likely that there will be. For now, though, protect yourself and your sanity and steer clear of any and all software promising to be the PlayStation 4 emulator you’ve been wanting. Just go on ahead and pony up the money and get a Sony PS4 – you’ll be better off in the long run.

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