The Google Play Store has thousands of Apps that are available to people looking for the most convenient and useful apps, books, music, TV and movies, which is why it one of the first stops that most people make when looking for the latest entertainment apps that are available. However, Google’s Play Store does not carry all of the most popular apps that people are seeking. Two extremely popular Apps that the Play Store doesn’t carry anymore are Vidmate and Snaptube.

What is Vidmate And Snaptube

Before we explain why Google rid itself of vidmate and snaptube from it’s Play Store let’s take a brief look at what Vidmate and Snaptube are.

Vidmate is a free video download App that allows you to download videos from a number of different sources including; Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Sound cloud. Snaptube is also a free video download App that allows you to download music and videos from various sites including; YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can either view a video using either of these Apps or download a video to your Smartphone, tablet or computer to view at your leisure.

Play Store on Android phone

Some people may be confused as to why Google would rid itself of two such incredibly popular apps. The answer is actually quite simple, these Apps violate Google’s policy. These two Apps raises copyright issues and promotes the illegal downloading of videos from popular sources such as YouTube. Since Google purchased Youtube they have become even more of a stickler regarding any App that promotes the piracy of videos from other sites.

It should be noted that Google did warn Vidmate regarding the copyright issues before taking the App out of their store and when Vidmate did not make corrections that would keep them from violating Google’s policies they removed the App from the Play Store.

Had Google continued to carry these Apps in their Play Store it would have been paramount to Google putting their YouTube videos at risk from being pirated by Apps they themselves were offering. Understanding this it makes perfect sense why Google would need to remove these two Apps from their Play Stores.

Although neither Vidmate or Snaptube are available through the Google Play Store you can download these Apps from other sites. One of the easiest ways to download both Vidmate and Snaptube is to visit the official APK sites for the App you would like to download and use the link on the official site. If you are considering downloading one of these Apps and many people already have, then do keep in mind Google’s concerns regarding copyright infringements and piracy issues.

However, the decision to download either of these Apps are a decision that only you can make.

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