Playing video games or using apps on your Android device is the most convenient way to pass away the time. But with all the annoying features that pop up in your face nearly every minute, the app would be less fun and more frustrating.

And it’s even more annoying if the app you want to download is not available for free. You have to seriously weigh your desire to pay to play.

But with emerging game hacker apps, such problems and hurdles will go away. There are 8 Android cheat apps that are considered the best, and two of those are Lucky Patcher and Smodgames. How is one different from the other? Which one is better or are they almost the same?

Lucky Patcher

This android game hacker app lets you disable ads, remove license verification, and modify features of a host of Android apps and games.

Lucky Patcher used to work only on rooted devices. This has changed with the no root version. Once installed, you can then manipulate how you play your video games and use your apps.

What are the key features of Lucky Patcher?

  • Block all ads from all free games and apps.
  • Remove license verification for all paid apps.
  • Gives you free in-app purchases.
  • Unlocks all features of games and apps.

Lucky Patcher Pros and Cons


  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • Provides all information about an app or game, including whether or not the app is modified or original.
  • Runs quickly and smoothly while giving users a lot of control.
  • Technical skills and knowledge are not required to run an array of functions.
  • Allows users to personalize their apps by customizing the UI and changing the launcher.


  • Comes with a few illegal and unacceptable functions. Then again, it is a game hacker app.
  • Requires a rooted device. Despite changes in the newer version, many still complain about installation failure unless the device is properly rooted.


This android game hacker lets you play a host of video games using a variety of tricks.

What Xmodgames does is to compile any trick or assistance available on the internet for all the games stored on your Android device. You can then hack any game and apply all sorts of tricks to make it fun and easier to play.


What are key features of Xmodgames?

  • Runs an automatic search for game features and opponents.
  • Provides a super game mode to give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Provides thousands of game modes for a host of different games.
  • Updates hot games regularly.

Xmodgames Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use. Just launch the app and it will automatically scan your device for installed games and then search online for hacking tricks.
  • Comes with a built-in routing feature for Android devices that are not rooted.
  • Enables users to contact developers through the Write To Us feature.


  • Prone to frequent crashes, mostly at random times.
  • Eliminates fair play when one of the players uses Xmodgames and others don’t.
  • Increases the risk your account to be banned in some games.
  • Comes with bugs that cause the XMG guide to crash.

Which game hacker you think is best based on the information provided? Let us know in the comments!

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