Lots of people have used ShowBox due to its ability to provide easy access to pirated content instead of paying for the licensed products. But, take note that this app is not available from the Google Play Store even if it is exclusive only for Android devices.

This led some users to question the legality of ShowBox since it can only be found on third-party websites. Additionally, users can’t discuss issues with ShowBox developers because it doesn’t have an official website. Thus, sourcing this app should be risky, as more than a million users searched the Internet to determine if ShowBox should be worth it.

There are some sources offering virus-free access to ShowBox, but it is also expected that the app brought along some bugs. Such would include some problems with the audio, some popup advertisements, broken subs, and box video quality issues.

Well, as an app that came from the grey market, you won’t be able to expect any support for any issue that could go along with it. Some fans even expressed their disappointments tha if you ran into trouble using ShowBox, then you are on your own.

As far as legal issues are concerned, ShowBox can get you into trouble. This is due to the fact that you are able to download copyrighted materials from the Internet. Moreover, downloading any copyrighted material without any permission to do so or without paying for it should be illegal. That is even worse when you stream the same content.

You should know that there are no legal laws that support the use of copyrighted content without permission from the copyright owner. Many people have even complained and threatened legal action, as they are paying for highly pirated events such as pay-per-view sports matches.

Legal notice surrounding copyrighted materials need not warn you that it is wrong. Thus, using ShowBox is making you walk a very thin line, unless you are watching movies that you already own.

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