Adobe Flash Player, the popular app for viewing multimedia online, has been used by many people until now. In fact, you need to have Flash Player if you need to stream video and use certain footage for your marketing materials.

Some people would say that it isn’t safe to use anymore, but it is just the opposite. You can still use this app considering that it is updated regularly. Therefore, you have to update this plug-in periodically, just as you would any other plug-in you have installed on your computer.

Take note that Flash Player can be set to update automatically. However, if you can’t wait for automatic updates, you can download the most recent version manually. Here are some important tips if you want to stay safe when using your favorite plug-in.

Do Not Trust Pop-Ups

There are times when you receive a popup messages saying that you need to update the plug-in immediately. This may not be a legit warning because lots of viruses and malware are behaving as if they are legit security warnings. You just need to be skeptical and always use caution when you download or update your plug-in.

Visit The Adobe Website

Don’t be fooled by certain pop-ups that would appear on your computer. If you feel the need to update your plug-in immediately, just head to the official website of Adobe. So, don’t download a version of the app from just any website claiming to be connected with Adobe.

Install Only The Updated Version

You need to be at the official Adobe website if you are going to download and install the plug-in. You may get a notification about the details of your computer and its compatibility to the Flash Player version you are trying to download. If you will be prompted by a pop-up asking you if you want to proceed with the download process, make sure you will be redirected to the link.

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