Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date is something many people have been looking for. They all want to know when they will get the next episode in the ongoing season of this series. Due to this, we have brought this guide to you.

In this article, you will learn everything about the latest Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date, how many episodes are there in its current season, main casts, streaming platforms for this series, as well as other information related to it. Let’s have a look at this guide without any delay.

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Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date
Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date

Fauda is an ongoing Israeli television show that many people watch globally. This show is created by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff. Its story follows Doron, a commander in the Mista’arvim unit, and his team.

The first season of this series premiered in 2015, and its audiences enjoyed it. Its fourth season was originally aired in 2022, and its fourth season is released internationally on Netflix. After watching its recent episodes, its international fans have been looking around for the next Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date. Keep reading this article to know its exact release date.

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Main Characters of Fauda

These are the main characters of Fauda. There are some recurring characters in the series as well.

  • Doron Kavillio
  • Taufiq Hammed
  • Walid Al Abed
  • Dr. Shirin Al Abed
  • Captain Ayub (Gabi)
  • Mickey Moreno
  • Gali Kavillio
  • Nassrin Hamed
  • Boaz
  • Naor
  • Nurit
  • Avihai
  • Steve Pinto


  • Ido Kavillio
  • Jihan Hamed
  • Sheikh Awadalla
  • Gideon Avital

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Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date

According to the official release schedule of the fourth season of this series, there will be no Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date. Actually, the fourth season of this series has concluded, and all its episodes were released together on January 20, 2023, globally on Netflix. You will not get more episodes this season.

Updated about Fauda Season 5

As of now, the series has not been renewed for its fifth season. We will update you once the series gets updated for its next season. So, please bookmark this page and keep visiting it regularly to get the latest updates about it.

Total Episode Count

Each season of this series consists of a total of twelve episodes. Even its fourth season had 12 episodes. If the series gets more seasons, you can expect its seasons to have similar episodes.

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Where to Watch Fauda?

The original television network for this series is Yes Oh. It is available internationally through Netflix. You will need an active subscription to Netflix if you want to enjoy this series globally.

List of all Fauda Season 4 Episodes

Here is the list of all episodes of the ongoing season of this series. The list contains all episodes of its fourth season.

  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Episode 6
  7. Episode 7
  8. Episode 8
  9. Episode 9
  10. Episode 10
  11. Episode 11
  12. Episode 12

The episodes of this series are not given any names. They are referred through their episode number.

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Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the hope that you have got all information related to the upcoming Fauda Season 4 Episode 13 Netflix Release Date, where to watch this series online, its total episode count, spoilers, main casts, and much more. If you have any questions about this series, you can comment below. We will help you in solving all your issues and queries.

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