Netizens have been looking for How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika as this new show has begun streaming on 5 December 2022, and they cannot afford to miss even a single episode during its official air time.

That’s why we have brought this complete Episodes Schedule so that you can know about How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika, its casts, and other details related to the new episodes. Let’s explore them without any delay.

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How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika?
How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika?

Moving in with Malaika is a new Hotstar Specials series based on the life of Malaika. You will get to see Malaika Arora breaking the barrier between her and her fans as this reality show follows the daily life of Malaika Arora.

This reality show is all set to start streaming on 5 December 2022. Well, its fans want to know about the total episode count and complete episodes release schedule. Well, we have got all these points covered in this article.

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How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika?

The first season of this reality series will consist of 16 episodes. As of now, the show is not renewed for its second season. We will update you once the show gets renewed for its next season. You can expect its renewal after the successful release or completion of the first season.

Where to Watch Moving in with Malaika?

As it is a Hotstar Specials series, you will need an active subscription to DIsney+ Hotstar to enjoy this new Reality series.

If you do not have an active subscription to Hotstar, you can get the Mobile Plan for as low as ₹499/year and as high as Premium Plan for ₹1,499/year. The Mobile Plan is for you if you want to enjoy Hotstar content on a single mobile phone with ads in HD quality. There is also a Super Plan for ₹899/year to enhance your watching experience without paying a lot for Premium.

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How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika
How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika

Moving in with Malaika Complete Episode Release Schedule

The new episodes of this show will stream every Monday-Thursday. It means that you will get a total of four episodes each week for four weeks.

We have listed the release dates for all episodes of the ongoing season of Moving in with Malaika. If there is a change in the release date for any reason, we will update it here.

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Episode No Release Date
Episode 1 December 5, 2022
Episode 2 December 6, 2022
Episode 3 December 7, 2022
Episode 4 December 8, 2022
Episode 5 December 12, 2022
Episode 6 December 13, 2022
Episode 7 December 14, 2022
Episode 8 December 15, 2022
Episode 9 December 19, 2022
Episode 10 December 20, 2022
Episode 11 December 21, 2022
Episode 12 December 22, 2022
Episode 13 December 26, 2022
Episode 14 December 27, 2022
Episode 15 December 28, 2022
Episode 16 December 29, 2022

Keep referring to the above table to check out the release schedule for each episode of How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika. It would be interesting to enjoy the new episodes of this Reality Show based on the life of Malaika Arora.

What time does Moving in with Malaika air?

You will get to watch this show’s new episodes at 8 PM every Monday-Thursday. Set the remainder so that you never miss its new episodes at the airing time. Never mind if you miss an episode, as you can easily enjoy it according to your schedule.

Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the expectation that you have got all information related to How many Episodes in Moving in with Malaika, the complete episodes schedule for this new series, and much more. If you have any questions regarding this series, you can ask us in the comments below.

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