Many people are currently excited to find Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date. The fans of this series are very excited to know when they will get to watch this late episode. Due to this many of you are searching on google. After seeing this craze among the fans we are here for you all with a separate article for you all containing all the details about this topic.

In this article, we will share all the details regarding Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date. Here we will also reveal other information about the series like the Episode list, Spoilers of episode 7, Cast information and many other details. Just read this article till the end nd you will get all the answers.

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Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date: All You Need To Know

Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date

It television series created by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot, based on the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts. Its first episode was released on 14 October 2022. This series has managed to get the attention of many people from different regions and currently, fans are loving it. The name of its directors are Justin Kurzel, Bharat Nalluri and Iain B. MacDonald.

The story of this series is all about Fugitive Lin Ford looking to get lost in cluttered 1980s Bombay. alone in an unknown city, Lin struggles. This show is full of many twists and turns and as you will start watching its episode you will become very curious to know what is going to happen in the upcoming episode.

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Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date

Now finally we are going to share Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date. The name of this upcoming episode is “Apo Vai Pranah” and it is going to release on 11 November 2022. So just mark this date on your calendar and don’t forget to watch it after the release.

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Episode List

Here is the list of all the names of episodes which are known till now.

  • The Three Nos
  • Down and Out
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Bad Medicine
  • The Sin in the Crime
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Apo Vai Pranah
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

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Cast Details

Below in this paragraph we are going to list down all the main cast of this series.

  • Charlie Hunnam as Dale/ Lindsay
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Abdullah Taheri
  • Sujaya Dasgupta as Kavita
  • Antonia Desplat as Karla Saaranen
  • Elham Ehsas as Modena
  • David Field as Wally Nightingale
  • Matthew Joseph as Ravi
  • Rachel Kamath as Parvati
  • Alyy Khan as Qasim Ali
  • Elektra Kilbey as Lisa Carter
  • Shiv Palekar as Vikram
  • Luke Pasqualino as Maurizio

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Where To Watch This Series?

If you are interested in watching this ongoing seres then its official platform is Apple TV+. If you doesn’t have a subscription of this media platform then you will have to pay for it. You can stream all the released episodes of this series at anytime. On Apple TV+ there are many other series which you can also enjoy.

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Here we are going to finish this article and we really hope that you have got all the answers regarding Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date. All the information we share here is from the official platform. Above in this article, you can find information like Where to stream this series, its Cast list, its plot and much more. After all these things if there is any other queries regarding Shantaram Episode 7 Release Date, then you can ask your doubts below in the comments section.

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