The search for First Blood Episode 9 Release Date is increasing as the latest episodes of this show are haunting the mids of people watching it. The episodes of this show are getting exciting day by day, and its fans want to know when they will get the next episode in this season. That’s why we have brought this guide to you.

Here, you will learn about the upcoming First Blood Episode 9 Release Date in various regions, the total episode count for its current season, where you can watch this show online, its main casts, and other related information to it. Let’s have a look at its release date without any delay.

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First Blood Episode 9 Release Date
First Blood Episode 9 Release Date

“First Blood” is an ongoing American crime series that numerous people watch globally. This series examines some of America’s most notorious serial killers through the prism of their first known kills to reveal what drove them to the moment when violent fantasy and curiosity became a devastating reality.

People are enjoying the new episodes of this show. After watching its latest episode, they all are waiting for the upcoming First Blood Episode 9 Release Date. Well, we have got some details about it and brought them to share with you.

First Blood Episode 9 Release Date

It is currently unknown if we will talk about the upcoming First Blood Episode 9 Release Date. We do not know whether there will be more episodes in its current season or if the latest episode was the season finale. We will confirm it and update you soon. For now, you can keep visiting our site to get to know more about various television series and their episode’s release dates.

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Main Casts of First Blood

The following are the main casts of this show. We have listed them below.

  • Gary Brucato
  • Katherine Ramsland
  • Mark E. Safarik
  • Harry Krop
  • Bill Hagmaier
  • Dawn Botkins
  • Alan Yochelson
  • Brian Jarvis
  • Terry Medina
  • James McCann
  • Glynn Martin
  • Jim Conner
  • Dayle Hinman
  • Michael Stone
  • Peter Zazzara
  • Don Maines
  • Robert Ramirez
  • Tom Honig

Total Episode Count

If the last episode of this show was its season finale, it means that its first season had just 8 episodes. In case it gets more episodes, we will update it here. The show is not renewed for its second season yet.

Where to Watch First Blood?

The new episodes of this show air on A&E every Saturday. It is also available to watch online on various platforms, including the official site of A&E TV. Keep find mind that the availability of this show on these platforms will depend on your location.

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List of all First Blood Episodes

Here is the list of all episodes of the first season of this show. We will bring more episodes to the list if they exists.

  1. Aileen Wuornos: The Damsel of Death
  2. Robert Hansen: The Butcher Baker
  3. Danny Rolling: The Gainesville Ripper
  4. Richard Ramirez: The Nightstalker
  5. Anthony Sowell: The Cleveland Strangler
  6. Ed Kemper: The Co-ed Killer
  7. Sheila LaBarre: Sheila the Peeler
  8. Henry Louis Wallace: Bad Henry

The Last Word

We are ending this article with the hope that you have got all information regarding the next First Blood Episode 9 Release Date, the online streaming platforms for this series, how many episodes will be there in its current season, and much more. So, wait for the next week to enjoy its upcoming episode. If you have any questions related to this show in your mind, then you can drop a comment below. We will get back to help you in the best possible way.

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