People have been looking for the Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date as the previous episode of this anime was delayed. They all want to know whether this episode will also be delayed or it will be released on time. Due to this, we have decided to bring this guide about its release date to you.

Here, you will learn about the upcoming Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date in various regions, how many episodes will be there in its ongoing season, where to watch this anime online, its main characters, spoilers, as well as other information related to it. Let’s have a look at its release date without any delay.

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Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date
Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date

Aoashi is an ongoing Japanese anime series that is currently watched worldwide. This anime series is based on the popular manga series of the same name. Akira Satō has directed this anime and it is written by Masahiro Yokotani. Its fans are waiting for Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date as the 19th episode has been delayed.

Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date

If we talk about the upcoming Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date, it is scheduled for August 27, 2022. Before that, episode 19 of this anime will be released that is delayed. You will get its 19th episode on August 20, 2022. Well, the new episodes of this show are released every Sunday. Mark the dates in your calendar and do not miss its upcoming episodes.

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Main Characters

The following are the main characters of this anime. There are some supporting characters as well.

  • Ashito Aoi
  • Eisaku Ohtomo
  • Sōichirō Tachibana
  • Keiji Togashi
  • Kanpei Kuroda
  • Jun Martis Asari
  • Yūma Motoki
  • Ryūichi Takeshima
  • Tatsuya Fukuda
  • Nagisa Akutsu
  • Haruhisa Kuribayashi
  • Hana Ichijō
  • Nozomi Date
  • Anri Kaidō
  • Taira Nakamura
  • Yōichi Kiriki
  • Eita Takasugi
  • Kenta Yoshitsune
  • Aoi Kaneko
  • Noriko Aoi
  • Shun Aoi
  • Akinori Kaneda
  • Junnosuke Nakano
  • Chiaki Mutō
  • Kōji Satake
  • Miyako Tachibana

How many episodes will be there in Aoashi?

The first season of this anime is set to have a total of 24 episodes. As the first season of this anime is about to conclude, its fans are wondering about its second season. Well, its second season has not been renewed yet. We will update you once this anime gets renewed for its second season.

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Where to Watch Aoashi?

The original television network for this anime is NHK Educational TV. It is also available to watch online on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and other online streaming platforms. The availability of this anime on these online OTT services will depend on your location.

List of all Aoashi Episodes

Here is the list of all episodes of the ongoing season of this anime. We will bring more episodes to the list soon.

  1. “First Touch”
  2. “Tokyo City Esperion”
  3. “The Final Stage of Assessment Begins”
  4. “CROW”
  5. “Orange Scenery”
  6. “First Fan”
  7. “The First Youth Match”
  8. “Night Training”
  9. “A Broader Soccer”
  10. “No Compromises”
  11. “Tokyo Metropolis League Match 1 – Seikyo High School”
  12. “Eagle Eye”
  13. “Turn”
  14. “It’s Just Soccer”
  15. “Where I Ought To Be”
  16. “Just Like You”
  17. “Tokyo Metropolis League Match 7 – Tama Sports University High School”
  18. “Wind of Change”
  19. “What We Lack”


In conclusion, we hope that you have got all details related to the next Aoashi Episode 20 Release Date, the online streaming platforms for this anime, its total episode count, spoilers for this next episode, the main characters of this anime, and much more. So, wait for the next week to enjoy this new episode. If you have any questions related to this anime in your mind, then you can ask us in the comment section below. We will help you in solving all your issues and queries.

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