Fortnite Old Vs New

Developed by none other than Epic Games, Fortnite is an online battle royale game that created a wave so huge that it almost drowned all the other titles that come under the same genre. “Thanks to the freedom of its outstanding building mechanic, Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t just a great battle royale game – it’s one of the best multiplayer games in recent history”- Says Austen Golsen, and we can’t agree more.

However, Fortnite has been ever-evolving and the game has changed quite considerably from what it once was and there are gamers who want the older original versions back. Epic Games has been taking some pretty big leaps of faith with all these updates and so far, things are going pretty good for the game… or are they?

fortnite new vs old
fortnite new vs old

What’s Changed?

The game has changed for the better and for the worst at times. Back in March 2018, a new location called Lucky Landings was introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale and it created massive and immaculate hype in the world and people had all kinds of speculations in mind. The location was pretty well received at first but the players realized there was actually much loot in the place and the fame deteriorated later on.

Another major difference between the original game and the newer versions was the battle passes. When the game was first released, the leveling up and the reward system was completely different than what has now become of it. The battle pass system now, lets you purchase a battle pass that allows you to access all sorts of premium goodies, rare Fortnite skins, and whatnot. This was all related to your main level in the first season instead of a battle pass.

With the addition of builder pro in the game which is quite consoles friendly, players on consoles can easily compete against players on other platforms and perform well. In the original game, Pc players had extraordinary advantages over the console players and they would surely win even if they weren’t too good. It makes the building much easier as you can customize the controls for various actions and with a Joystick, you have all you need at your disposal.

Another key difference from the older version is the Shopping Carts. They were added to the game in 2018 and the carts completely changed the whole spectrum of combat as well as traversing around the map. The shopping carts can lift up to two people and gain insane speed which doubled the pace of combat in general, and they also reduced the fall damage to zero which players used to pull off insane stunts and it opened up a whole new variety of combat and tactics.

Is Fortnite Better Now?

Many people believe the older versions were great but to be honest, the developers have done a great job in retaining the game’s very essence along with adding new details that add up to the vibe of the game as a whole. They have been taking some big leaps with the new changes and updates of the game such as the recent no-building update, which was quite a bold thing to do and a lot of people actually loved it!

So, it all comes down to personal preference. I really loved the old Fortnite but I also welcome the new changes because it gives us a new experience that mixed into the familiar world of Fortnite.

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