7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays

Writing an essay is never easy, even if you are tackling an interesting topic. It always involves a lot of hard work, and most of that time and effort goes into doing research and finding all the relevant information, arguments, and data for your essay. (merakisalonnc.com) While some students might struggle with writing itself, doing research is viewed as a chore by pretty much all of them. There are several different ways you can go about doing research for your essay or any other academic paper, which is why we have put together a list of seven tricks you can make use of when doing internet research for your essay. Find out more below.

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1. Use Different Search Engines

The most obvious choice for most when it comes to doing research is Google, however, you should also give Yahoo and Bing a shot, because they might be able to come up with different results, or rank them differently. If you are researching a topic that is very specific and there aren’t a lot of sources on it, you may also want to give search engines such as DuckDuckGo or Dogpile a shot, as well. But, since you are writing an academic paper, you need to use Google Scholar too, which can find academic articles that Google Search cannot, Wolfram Alpha, and/or PubMed.

2. Get an Essay Writing Service To Help You

While all the best essay writing service places are primarily sought by students that need help with essay writing, proofreading, or editing, you can also have them do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to research. Their writers and researchers are experts at this sort of thing, and they will provide you with all the research materials you will need to complete an impactful essay. Plus, they can show you a number of tips and tricks to make your research easier and more streamlined.

3. Use Very Specific Keywords

Figure out what the key points of your essay should be, and research relevant keywords accordingly. For example, if you are writing an essay on World War II, instead of searching for “World War II”, look for more specific phrases, such as “the most significant battles of WW2” or “Operation Overlord”. This will help you avoid scrolling through countless general articles on the subject, and zero in on the ones that contain specific and relevant information you can use in your essay.

4. Search Using Quotation Marks

If you are looking for something very specific, as shown in the example above, then you might want to put your keyword inside the quotation marks. This way, Google will search for those exact words, instead of looking for variations on them, as well as for each word inside the phrase. Just make sure that your phrase makes sense and that it is grammatically correct, because what you’re really looking for in most cases is a part of the sentence.

5. Make It a Habit to Bookmark Useful Websites

When randomly surfing online, you will often come across websites and blogs with useful scientific and academic content. Develop a habit to bookmark these websites, because you might need them later when writing your essay or term paper. If you don’t bookmark it, you might not be able to find it later because you can’t remember the exact search phrase or because it’s no longer in your browser history.

6. Use Search Operators

You can refine your online research even further by using different search operators. The most common ones are:

  • OR – this enables you to search for two or more keywords at the same time, which comes in handy when looking for terms that are closely related or synonyms. Only one term needs to be present.
  • AND – returns search results that contain two or more search terms. Both terms are present in the results.
  • * – you can use * as a placeholder for words. For example, you can search for “world’s * country”, which will return results for the richest, the largest, or the most populous country in the world.
  • Site: and related: – for example, site: websitename.com “search term” enables you to use Google to search for terms on that specific website, while related: websitename.com will return a list of websites that cover similar topics.

7. Find Similar Essays

You can look at other essays for inspiration, but what could be really useful in terms of research is the list of references at the end of similar essays. Even if online research is not one of your strongest skills, you will at least be able to find a handful of similar papers and check out the references they have used. This will lead you to useful information you can use for your own writing.


And there you have it, seven useful tricks you can use to make your research process less complicated when writing an essay. Good luck!

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