It’s safe to say that South Korea quickly took over the entertainment business. With the growth of K-pop. The K-dramas are growing in popularity on online streaming sites, and Korean films are receiving major awards internationally. If you’re only now dipping your toes in the ocean of international cinema or already awed by Korea’s exports to entertainment. You might be searching for the best Korean films to stream. There are plenty of Korean movies on Netflix, but which ones are the best? A handful of classics are worth checking out, and a few recent releases should be on your list.

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With that solved, here’s a rundown of the best Korean films on Netflix. Check out.

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Top Korean Movies on Netflix
Top Korean Movies on Netflix
  1. Time To Hunt

Time to Hunt is an additional Netflix Original, is a saga set in a futuristic dystopian future where poverty is more pervasive and damaging. A group of buddies, desperate to escape the town and live a new life, choose to pull off one last heist to earn their required money. They make an infamous gambling establishment their goal. Produced by Yoon Sung-Hyun. Action thriller time-traveler Time is ideal for those who enjoy heist movies or dramatic action and is guaranteed to keep you as eager as can be as the four companions battle to survive.

  1. Space Sweepers

If you’re into sci-fi and space adventures, Space Sweepers is a perfect choice. With a cast of talented actors, this space drama stars Kim Tae-Ri and Song Joong-ki. The story follows a crew of space junk collectors who discover a weapon of mass destruction called Dorothy, which they need to steal and sell to survive. While the plot itself is quite predictable, it is well worth watching for the action and drama.

  1. Alive

While more zombie-themed films and TV series are released each year, recent Korean films demonstrate lots of interesting and creative stories to tell in the genre. Alive, written and directed by Cho Il-Hyung Yoo Ah-in, portrays Oh Joon-woo, a game player trapped in his home after the zombie apocalypse erupted in Seoul. In succumbing to thirst, hunger, and depression, Joon-woo contacts a survivor named Kim Yoo-bin (Park Shin-Hye), who lives right next to his apartment. They get together and hope to make it through.

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  1. Seoul Searching

Netflix’s Korean films include 80s-set dramedies. The film from 2016, “Seoul Searching,” tells the story of many Korean male and female adoptees raised in various countries and come together for a camp experience in Seoul to share their experiences and learn about their roots. The film is a tribute to the 80s and, in particular, John Hughes-style films. The emotional core is all of the Korean adoptees who are discovering a sense of peace and companionship through their shared experiences.

  1. Night in Paradise

If you are looking for a classic crime-thriller for which South Korean filmmakers are famous, the Netflix Original movie Night in Paradise is an excellent option. Produced by Park Hoon-Jung, the dark thriller has Uhm Tae-goo as Park Tae-goo mobster who declines an invitation for a place in the rival Bukseong group, which results in his family being killed. Tae-goo retaliates by killing the perpetrators before fleeing to the beautiful Jeju Island. The story revolves around his characters’ relationship, which becomes the centerpiece of this entire story of vengeance.

  1. Psychokinesis

Directed and written by Yeon Sang-ho, who wrote and produced the popular 2016 movie about zombies Train to Busan, Psychokinesis is one of the first Korean superhero films. The film features Ryu Seung-Ryong as Shin Seok Heon, a security guard with bad luck who’s not the kind that you’d expect could be the film’s hero. The 2018 film is an underrated, incredibly engaging alternative superhero story and is certainly one of Netflix’s latest secret treasures.

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  1. Okja

Although most of this movie is in English language, it’s very South Korean. Produced by Bong Joon Ho and written by Jon Ronson as well as Jon Ronson, this movie revolves around a little girl called Mija who is on her goal to rescue from the fabulous pig she upraised that she known as “Okja.” The animal is a chunk of a massive experiment in the meat industry. An energy-hungry American firm runs it with the objective being the consumption of Okja. It’s a reflection on capitalism in the USA and the harsh treatment of animals used in industries like food production, particularly the pigs. The tale about Okja is heartbreakingly beautiful, hilarious, and funny. It prompts you to consider what kinds of foods we eat and how it travels from the farms to the belly.


With these recommendations, we hope that you will be able to understand the quality of Korean movies and they will surely lure you into more Korean content.

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