How to Make the Conclusions of the Research Paper?

Do you have to write the conclusions of the research and you don’t know how to do it? In this article, essay writing service EssayAssistant will give you professional advice so that you can write the conclusion of your academic paper, thesis, or scientific article successfully.

First of all, if you have reached this point and you already have a great advance of your work done congratulations. Then, you have to know that a university or professional paper like the one you are writing, has a certain structure to be able to elaborate it. It has to do with more formal aspects where it is detailed how to order the content to achieve a better coherence.

Continuing with our topic, the conclusion of a research paper is usually one of the most complex sections for most university students. But don’t worry, at this point, you have already gone through the introduction of your project, elaborated the theoretical framework, defined the method section, the results, discussions and you have reached the icing on the cake.

This section closes the research and provides the reader with a synthesis of all the work done. It implies a final response to the research as a whole.

Now, what should be included in a conclusion and what should not, and what are the keys to successfully preparing it. We will tell you about it below, continue reading.

How to approach the conclusion of the research?

The term “conclusion” comes from the Latin “conclusio” and means “closure, end”. It is the last part of a written text or dissertation. What is expected in the conclusion of a research is that the author can channel the initial premises with the development of the topic in question and all that has been exposed in the previous sections to finish closing what has been investigated in the work. A good conclusion should relate the introduction and the hypotheses or research questions with the results of the research. In general, this section highlights the results or findings as well as the new paths that open up for future studies.

It should be noted that in the conclusion of a research study, the author should not give his own opinion on the data obtained. Nor should it become a literal summary of the entire work.

Keys for an excellent research conclusion

For the conclusion of your research to be the highlight of your work, there are some tips that you should take into account.

  • At this point in the elaboration of your project, we recommend that you do a complete reading. This way you will achieve a clear but at the same time concise conclusion.
  • Review the main ideas of your paper. The conclusion should be able to cover any doubts that the reader may have raised during the course of the reading.
  • It is key that the conclusion of your research invites the reader to reflect and think of new points of view about the topic in question.
  • It is time to sharpen your pencil, nothing will serve you better than writing down the key elements of your work.
  • In the conclusion, it should be clear what your motivation was for carrying out the research. The methodology you used to collect the data, what problem you wanted to solve, or what question you wanted to answer. In addition to what are the lines of research that arise for future studies.

Things you have to avoid

  • Your conclusion should be redundant and the information you provide should be a summary of what has been previously stated. To avoid this, when you finish writing the conclusion of your research, observe if any ideas are repeated and eliminate them.
  • Do not provide any new concept or information that has not been previously exposed in the previous sections of the conclusion.
  • Do not overextend, this last part should be concise.


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