86 Eight Size anime episode 23 release date has finally been announced after a 2 months delay. The episode 23 and 24 of the show, 86 Eight Six was much awaited and fans have been waiting curiously for these episodes. Thankfully, we have it now.

Below, we have shared complete information on 86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online, have a look.

86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online

86 Eighty Six is a Japanese Anime Series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabi. The anime is based on the light novel of the same name (also written by Asato Asato). The series was directed by Masayuki Kojima, who is known for directing Monster and the 2012 Berserk movie trilogy.

86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date and Time

When it comes to the 86 Eighty Six Anime episode 23 release date and time, then the show will air on March 12th, 2022. Yes, both the episodes, 23 and 24 will come out this Saturday. The release date announcement was made on twitter by the officials. Moreover, we have a lot of spoilers for the 2 upcoming episodes, which are listed below.

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The 86 Eighty Six episode 23 spoilers indicate that there will be a lot more action happening in this episode. The biggest one is that Lena, who was captured by the Giadian army, will escape.

She escapes using her cunning and intelligence, not her strength. There have been a lot of rumors about how she will escape, but since she is the only person left alive who can help the Republic of San Magnolia fight back against the Giadian forces, it makes sense that she would be able to pull off an escape.

It will be interesting to see what kind of tactics she uses when fighting back against the enemy troops. Further, if you want to know more about spoilers, find out below.

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86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date: The Spoilers

When it comes to the 86 episode 23 spoilers, then the story takes place in an alternate reality in which humans have been forced to live in isolation underground due to the emergence of humanoid robots called “Legions.” The Republic of San Magnolia has been engaged in a war with these robots for 86 years.

The main character of 86 Eighty Six is Shin, a 16-year-old boy who has just been accepted into a military academy.

However, Shin has no interest in joining the military, so he decides to enter into a competition with his classmates to see who will be assigned to join the military’s “Spearhead Squadron”—the elite unit responsible for fighting the Legions.

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But when Shin loses the competition, he finds himself drafted into Spearhead Squadron anyway! Now that he has joined this elite unit, he must find a way to defeat the enemy without sacrificing himself or his fellow soldiers.

Watch Online: 86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date

If you are looking to watch 86 anime online, then you can watch it on Netflix as well as the most popular anime platform, Crunchyroll. All the users can directly stream the show on release date.

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So this was all about 86 Eighty Six Anime Episode 23 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online. Hopefully, you will like our approach. If you have any queries or suggestions about this topic, then do let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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