Who is Vini Raman? Yes, we all know Vini Raman here. Glenn Maxwell, an Australian cricketer, and his Indian girlfriend Vini Raman are slated to marry on March 27, and their Indian wedding invitation card has gone viral on social media. Raman and Maxwell were engaged around a year ago, and their news sent social media into a frenzy.

Maxwell took to Instagram to announce his engagement to his fans. The couple had also posted images to their Instagram pages. The couple is back in the news ahead of their wedding next month, after actress Kasturi Shankar released a photo of the invitation card, revealing that Maxwell and Vini will marry on March 27, maybe in a traditional Tamil Brahmin wedding.

Who is Vini Raman

Who is Vini Raman? Wiki

Who is Vini Raman? Information regarding this has been mentioned above about their relationship talks in short view. We all know Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman she is his girlfriend and soon they are going to marry together. They had been in a relationship for years. Vini is an Australian citizen of Indian descent who works as a pharmacist in Melbourne.

Raman was born in Australia to a Tamil family and attended Mentone Girls Secondary College in Victoria, where she completed her education in medical science and now works as a doctor. Raman gained a lot of attention on social media after her appearance with Maxwell at the Australian Cricket Awards.

Who is Vini Raman? A love story with Maxwell

Who is Vini Raman?  Clearly, we have informed you that she is a partner of well good famous cricketer Maxwell. Every form of love worth celebrating should be shared. It’s difficult for the world not to detect your quick heartbeat or seething emotions when you love fiercely and as purely as the feeling itself.

In our world, love works in this way. It doesn’t have a set schedule. There are no cultural or linguistic obstacles that it sees. It has no mercy for different skin colors or places of religion, and when it eventually does arrive, it literally brings us to our knees. They met at a Melbourne Stars, a BBCL squad, event and have been dating since, according to reports. On February 21, 2021, Maxwell and Raman got engaged. Glenn Maxwell and Vini have been dating for a long time, and their relationship became public in 2017 after they were pictured together. Vini shared a photo from their traditional Indian-style engagement on Instagram on March 14, 2020. As they stood for the camera, the duo was clothed in emerald green ethnic Indian clothing. Vini noted in the caption of the photo that they were celebrating their Indian engagement and that she gave Glenn a sneak peek at the wedding. Vini also thanked the people that helped her.

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Who is Vini Raman? Life Incidence

 Who is Vini Raman? All these replies to this question have been mentioned above in this article. This was quickly followed by photos from the couple’s vacation to Paris, though Vini was quick to fill in the gaps with her own Instagram posts documenting their blossoming romance.

Maxwell made things official by announcing his engagement to girlfriend Vini Raman on Instagram earlier this year, shortly after taking Vini as his plus one to the Australian Cricket Awards for the second year in a row. Vini swiftly filled in the gaps with her own Instagram pictures showing their developing romance, which were quickly followed by photos from the couple’s visit to Paris. Maxwell announced his engagement to girlfriend Vini Raman on Instagram earlier this year, shortly after accompanying Vini to the Australian Cricket Awards for the second year in a row as his plus one.

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