A lot of people are curious to know about What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina. After watching the animated series now all the fans are curious to know about Percy. To find out all the information related to this topic all the fans are searching all over the internet but still, they are unable to find exact information. If you are also roaming all over the internet to get information about it then now you have reached the correct place.

In this article, we will provide every possible detail about What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina. So if you want to get all the data about it then just read this article till the end and you will get all the information.

What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina: All You Need To Know

It is an American adult animated series. The story of this animated series is based on campaign one of theDungeons & Dragonsweb seriesCritical Role. It was first premiered on 28 January 2022 and in a very short span of time, this animation has gained not only in the USA but also in several parts of the world.

What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina

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The story of this series has been set in a fictional world named Exandria and it has been created by Matthew Mercer in 2012. You will find that story is revolving around the seven members of the Vox Machina team. The series then adjusts the Briarwood arc from the authentic web series, “in which the Vox Machina crew avenge the slaying of the rulers of the town of Whitestone.

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Where You Can Watch This Series?

If you want to watch this series then you watch it on Amazon Prime and it is the official platform for the series. However, it is a paid OTT platform and you will have to pay for the subscription of it. You can access and stream any previous episode which you want to watch at any time and from anywhere.

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What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina

The Legend of Vox Machina primarily follows the story arc of Percival De Rolo or in different words, in detail, we can say it follows the arc of Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. A fighter by class, Percy belongs to an honoured family.

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Cast Of The Series

Finally after knowing all the details about What Class Is Percy In Vox Machina. Now here in this paragraph, we are going to reveal the cast of the series.

  • Laura Bailey as Vex’ahlia
  • Taliesin Jaffe as Percival
  • Ashley Johnson as Pike Trickfoot
  • Matthew Mercer as Lord Sylas Briarwood
  • Liam O’Brien as Vax’ildan
  • Marisha Ray as Keyleth
  • Sam Riegel as Scanlan Shorthalt
  • Travis Willingham as Grog Strongjaw

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