Peacemaker is an American television series which is based on the DC Comics character with the same name as its title i.e, Peacemaker. The Peacemaker Episode Release Schedule is mentioned below in this article. This series is produced by James Gunn for the HBO Max streaming service. Peacemaker is a new Suicide Squad character played by John Cena.
James Gunn is developing this series as a prequel to “The Suicide Squad,” which was released in 2021. Peacemaker’s first season debuted on January 13, 2022.
This series is a live-action show about Christopher Smith, also known as Peacemaker, an extreme assassin who believes he is on a mission to bring global peace to the world and will murder anybody to achieve it.

You won’t need to use your search engine any longer; all you need to know about the Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10 is right here.

Peacemaker Episode Release Schedule
Peacemaker Episode Release Schedule

Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10

We all have been waiting for the dates to be released for this wonderful and amazing series to come out. No need to wait any longer Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10  are available below. Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10 are February 17th, February 24th, and March 4th respectively.

We do know that we’ll be getting eight full episodes of this DC-set story—and with one kind of a star and one kind of a creator, it appears that we’ll be getting one kind of a story. Here’s when each episode of Peacemaker will be released, as well as other information.

At 12 a.m. PT, the episode will be available to stream (Pacific Timing). However, because the release time will vary based on your location, here is the exact release schedule for certain areas:

Pacific Time: 12:00 AM PST

Central Time: 2:00 AM CST

Eastern Time: 3:00 AM EST

British Time:  8:00 AM GMT

European Time: 10:00 AM CEST

Indian Time: 1:30 PM IST

Japan Time: 5:00 PM JST

Australian Time: 6:00 PM AEST

 The total episode of this episode Peacemaker

Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10, there will be eight episodes in Peacemaker.

In the lead-up to the series premiere, HBO Max announced the episode count, as well as the fact that James Gunn will helm five of the eight episodes.

Furthermore, the titles for all eight episodes have been revealed, and they are as follows :

  1. A Whole New Whirled
  2. Best Friends, For Never
  3. Better Goff Dead
  4. The Choad Less Travelled
  5. Monkey Dory
  6. Murn After Reading
  7. Stop Dragon My Heart Around
  8. It’s Cow or Never

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The plotline of Peacemaker

The plotline of Peacemaker During the events of The Suicide Squad (2021), Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker is forced to join the A.R.G.U.S. black ops team “Project Butterfly” in order to find and exterminate parasitic butterfly-like creatures that pose as people in the US and throughout the world.
James Gunn has been one of the world’s fortunate men. He’ll be able to put his talents to the test in both the Marvel & DC realms. He established characters like Star-Lord and Groot in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” trilogy before stepping into DC territory with “The Suicide Squad.”

Peacemaker episode release schedule, Episode 8, 9, 10 are February 17th, February 24th, and March 4th respectively.

Despite delivering one of the best DC Extended Universe films, Gunn isn’t done with supervillains just yet. With “Peacemaker,” Gunn launches the first DC Extended Universe series with John Cena, and by all accounts, he’s done very well.

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