Michael Keaton Sag speech has won heart all over the world. During the SAG Awards 2022, Michael Keaton won the awards for best male actor in a movie or series. He won the best male actor awards for the movie “Dopesick”. The movie is all about stories of different people which are struggling with the addition. Below, we have complete details on Michael Keaton Sag Speech and SAG Awards 2022. Have a look.

Michael Keaton Sag Speech, SAG Awards 2022

Michael Keaton Sag Speech, SAG Awards 2022

Michael Keaton is one of the most popular American actor who is famous for his quirky, handsome, and inventive personality and acting. He is more popular because of his acting skills. He has achieved a lot of heights in his carer and now going up and up.

Keaton got his major fame from some movies in which Dopesick is one of the recently launched movies. He is in news right now, because he has received SAG Awards 2022 for the best actor male for his movie.

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Michael has dedicated the SAG Award 2022 to his nephew who was died in an addiction. He was well connected to his nephew who was completely addicted to drugs and could not come out of it.

The worst part about this award is that, Keaton missed his award. Yes, you heard it right. Keaton missed his awards due to a funny reason. While his award was getting announced, he was relieving himself in the bathroom which some people find funny, while some people find it sad for him.

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Later, when Keaton came out of the bathroom, he was announced the winner of the SAG Awards 2022 for an outstanding performance in the movie or the series Dopesick. After this announcement was made publicly, he ran out of bathroom and came to stage in a very funny way due to which this news is going viral.

After receiving the best male actor awards for the Hulu series, he said, “Sorry, I was in men’s room and it is completely sound proof by the way. So I could not hear the announcement made by the host. However, it is so nice to receive this awards for best male actor. Thank you very very much”.

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SAG Awards 2022: Michael Keaton Sag Speech

In this speech, Keaton thanks his “Batman” co-stars, crew members and family. He talks about how he was moved to be part of a film that included so many special effects. Maybe most moving is the appreciation he has for his father, who Keaton says has inspired him all along his long career.

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I’ve never been an awards guy, but I think it’s all about standing up. If you stand up for your life, you will be transformed. The world is out there for the taking for all of us. Do not be fearful of some unlikely prophecies or statistics; anybody who doesn’t have a dream is dead.

The most funny part about this speech is that Michael is not the first person or actor to miss an award like this. There has been actor who have previously missed their awards the same way as Keaton.

The same moment was happened in 1998 with the actress Christine Lahti, she won Best actress for her performance in Chicago Hope.

So this was all about Michael Keaton Sag Speech, SAG Awards 2022. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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