The Jinnah tower Guntur has located in the Andhra Pradesh Guntur the controversy about the rupture on the beautiful occasion of republic day. There are a lot of requests about the Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy, after it ends they have decided to change the Jinnah tower in tricolor. So all the fixed arrangements are ready to the national flag will be made on Thursday, MLA Mohammad Mustafa from Andhra Pradesh visited the tower on Tuesday for the security purpose indeed plans the security game. So all we would say is that it’s huge controversy about the Jinnah tower Guntur bet between the political parties in Andhra Pradesh.

Jinnah tower Guntur on the December 30 2021 Bhartiya Janta party national secretary Y Satya Kumar shared a tweet about the renaming of the Jinnah tower Guntur  in the Andhra Pradesh he said that the peak is named after the Jinnah indeed region as Jinnah center.

Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy
Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy

Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy

If we talk about the Jinnah tower Guntur Is actually the location in Guntur city that place is located at Mahatma Gandhi Road according to the worked out of appreciation for Jinnah in the pre-Independence time, stands tall on six support points, and opens to an arch. The Jinnah Tower is one of only a handful of exceptional designs of Islamic engineering in the district. As per history specialists, the pinnacle was worked by a nearby Muslim pioneer Lal Jan Basha after the visit of Jinnah’s agent Liaquat Ali Khan to Guntur.

In Andhra Pradesh Guntur city called Jinnah tower the key landmark is built in the 1940s the time of controversy between the Bahartya Janta party and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government

Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy: when Guntur police arrested Hindu people.

Kanchan Gupta shared also the tweet about the Jinnah tower he said that a citizen of India is arrested for seeing the tricolor and shouting the ‘Vande Mataram’, He also talks about the LAL chowk in Srinagar.

On the 26 January that all people are celebrated the 73rd  Republic day the police of Guntur used a lot of forces the reason is who was trying to open tricolor on the tower  the few people are arrested the video was going  viral on social media after the video viral the netizens asked why they still is a tower named after Jinnah in India that would be related the same as the LAL chowk in Srinagar.

Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy: why it is painted in tricolor

A lot of controversies decided that the next step moves towards the Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy which later converted into paint in tricolor, the tower will be the same as our National flag and on the various groups are decided to the Jinnah tower will be decorated in the tricolor the lo of Muslim leader is against about it after the achieving independence there are some Muslims who left the country and settled in Pakistan the GMC  kavati Manohar Naidu said that we want to continue in our country as Indians and we also love the motherland the Andra Pradesh of Bhaartya Janta party BJP that they submitted a new memo in coming December last year to the Guntur municipal corporation in andrah Pradesh and requesting to rename Jinnah tower after the name of forms president Abdul kalam.

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All of the above information that we discussed is about the Jinnah Tower Guntur History Controversy and later it was painted into the tricolor so that means it includes the political parties that they decided to paint the tower on the 26 January republic day.

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