How Tall Is Brook One Piece: Brook, often known as “Soul King,” is the Straw Hat Pirates’ musician and one of their two swordsmen. He is the crew’s ninth member and the eighth to join, having done so at the conclusion of the Thriller Bark Arc.

Brook ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which gave him the ability to resurrect after death. Brook soon developed a greater understanding of his Devil Fruit’s abilities, allowing him to exert substantial influence over his own and other people’s souls. His ambition is to meet up with an old buddy, Laboon, in Reverse Mountain, where he and Crocus live.

He was a member of the Rumbar Pirates before dying and being revived by the Yomi Yomi no Mi. Due to the length of time it took his soul to find his body, it was reduced to a skeleton, with only his afro remaining intact. Brook spent 50 years alone in the Florian Triangle before finding Luffy and becoming an ally of the Straw Hats during the Thriller Bark Arc before joining the crew.

He presently has an 83,000,000 beli of bounties on his head. But how tall is Brook One Piece? This article will tell you everything just be patient and read below to know “how tall is Brook One Piece”.

How Tall Is Brook One Piece
How Tall Is Brook One Piece

How Tall is Brook One Piece?

Brook is, in fact, a colossus with a height of 8’9” [debut] and 9’1” [after timeskip]. Because he’s all bones, he seems tall, lanky, and frail, but it’s difficult to know what his true height is. Brook, a musician, adds a lot of wit and charm to the Straw Hats’ adventures. Brook is a skilled fighter in his own way, albeit not quite reaching Zoro or Sanji’s heights.

Now you know How tall is Brook One Piece.

Brook One Piece First Appearance

1. How Tall Is Brook One Piece- Before his Death

Brook was a tall, tan, slender man with a distinguishing face before his demise. On his chin, he had a tiny beard and some sideburns. He wore shades almost all of the time, seldom exposing his eyes. He had a scar on his forehead that looked like a diagonal omega symbol. In his skeleton condition, this scar remained as a noticeable fracture across his head. Brook’s facial appearance, combined with his attire style, mimics that of many musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, and other musical icons with comparable traits.

2. How Tall Is Brook One Piece-  Before the Timeskip

Brook is a tall skeleton with a top hat and cane who is dressed in formal wear. He is the second tallest member of the Straw Hat crew, behind Jinbe, standing at 266 cm (8’812″) in height. Despite the fact that he has no skin, he has an afro, which he claims is due to his hair’s strong roots. Brook wore a gentleman’s outfit consisting of a black coat, top hat, trousers, and afro, with yellow-orange inside linings. The blue cravat he wore between his coat and around his neck was a nice touch. Brook’s cane sword, which he wields, has a purple outside coating. His clothing was also a little ragged from his long years of solitude.

3. How Tall Is Brook One Piece-  After the Timeskip

He turned into more colorful and high-end clothing throughout the Return to Sabaody Arc through the Fish-Man Island Arc, as if to portray a rock star. He wore heart-shaped sunglasses, a yellow feather boa, a new top hat with a massive crown on the brim, and orange-red floral-patterned slacks. Despite the fact that he was a skeleton, he grew to a height of 277 cm (9’1″) over the two-year time gap.

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How tall are Brook One Piece and all about Brook One Piece

Name of the show One Piece
Character Brook
Debut ‎ Chapter 442, Episode 337
Origin West Blue
Age 38(first death)


99(after time skip)

Human Form He is an excellent musician
How tall is Brook One Piece in its debut 8’9”
How tall is Brook One Piece after time skip 9’1”


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