F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date and Time:  F4 Thailand Episode 8 Released date On February 12, 2022, F4 Thailand Episode 8 Boys Over Flowers will be released. The majority of fans have been eagerly awaiting the release date, time, cast, and other facts for F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8. F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 information has been updated.

On February 5, 2022, F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 will be released. As a result, the countdown is only 9 days long. Yes! The F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 will be released in only 9 days!

F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date
F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date

F4 Thailand’s Boys Over Flowers is now one of the most popular series, with new episodes coming out every week. The fascinating plot of F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers can be credited as one of the key reasons for the series’ success, prompting fans to seek out F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8, which we have provided.

Cast and crew of F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date

Boys Over Flowers has finally come on the screen! Finally, here’s one of the most amazing popular versions of the series ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is with the amazing cast and the outstanding characters we all get to see this time. Previously, we have seen Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese versions of it. All those versions are mainly focused on the growth of youth and bubbling romance between the main characters this time.

Tu Tontawan as Gorya, Bright Vachirawit as Thyme, Dew Jirawat as Ren, Win Metawin as Kavin, and Nani Hirunkit as MJ are among the handsome and beautiful faces who have starred in the series. Pompan Niti, Cindy Bishop, Maria Poonlertlarp, Prim Chanikan, Fah Yongwaree, and others play supporting roles. F4 Thailand Episode 8 Released date : Boys Over Flowers will tell the storey of a young man’s maturation as love develops among Gorya and F4’s turbulent battle.

F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date: Where to Watch

F4 Thailand  Episode 7 Released  date as they open the way for over-the-top release of series and movies, online platforms have become some of the most popular places to view shows. The another  online platforms which  are available  they have also contributed to an increase in the number of people watching series because they make it easier for binge watchers to watch these series with less effort. In fact, F4 Thailand Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 is also available to watch on the internet.

F4 Thailand episodes will air on the same day (Saturday) at:

  • @8.30 a.m. In the United States
  • @1.30 p.m. in the United Kingdom
  • @7 p.m. in India
  • @12.30 a.m. in Australia

We have a long way to go because the series is only 16 episodes old. Don’t worry if you’re wondering how to watch ‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ online. Because the drama is available on a variety of media, it is accessible to both domestic and international viewers.

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F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release Date: Spoilers

F4 Thailand Episode 8 Release date has mentioned above Here’s spoiler Gorya is a regular high school student who supports her destitute family by working part-time in a flower store with her best friend Kaning. And it appears that her life is as easy and routine as that until she takes the entrance exam to a prominent, exorbitantly priced high school, transforming her into the family’s only hope of escaping poverty. Gorya, on the other hand, finds elite high school life artificial and irritating. And for that, she intends to be the most unremarkable nobody, a goal that no one at this institution ever aspires to achieve.

Thyme, Ren, Kavin, and MJ are members of the infamous senior clique known as F4 at this school. These charming young men are the sons of the country’s wealthiest billionaires, and they exude good looks and influence. Even if these guys are secretly the school’s top bullies, ready to shove anyone they don’t like around through aggressive pranks they call “getting the Red Card,” all eyes are on them at all times. Nobody can stop them, and to make matters worse, the students idolise them and their arrogance. Gorya despises them because they seem to have the entire world in their hands.

Spoilers are just remove the curosity but there is lot of changing moment we will catch up in the 8th Episode.

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