Did Fez die in Euphoria Season 2? This question is arising in the mind of every fan after the episode 8 arrival of the Euphoria Season 2. In the last episode, we have seen that Fez adopted brother Ashtray in front of him. His brother was killed by a SWAT team. The team has invaded his apartment.

The Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 is one of the most brutal episodes on television if you look at the Euphoria standards. Furthermore, the next episode is much awaited and we have even more to explore for Euphoria Season 3. Here is everything you need to know about the Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 and the upcoming season. Have a look.

Did Fez Die in Euphoria Season 2? Finale Spoilers, Release Date

Did Fez Die in Euphoria Season 2? The Spoilers

With two new episodes of HBO’s Euphoria dropping in late January 2022, fans are wondering what the second installment has in store.

Many have been flocking online to share their theories regarding Jules and Rue’s relationship, while others are speculating when Kate’s brother will finally return to town. One major question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Fez is actually dead. Here’s everything we know about the character so far.

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Fez the cat plays a small but important role in HBO’s Euphoria. The adorable kitty was taken in by Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Rue Bennett (Zendaya), who adopted him after a wild night at their dealer Nate Jacobs’ house.

While many might think the pet’s only purpose is to disarm viewers, Fez turns out to be an integral part of the season 1 finale that upends what viewers thought they knew about Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney). Season 2 of Euphoria is bringing back all our favorite characters, including Cassie, who became pregnant in the final moments of the season 1 finale.

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All fans are worried about Fez and Ashtray only after the latest episode is out on HBO. The upcoming episode will reveal some much-awaited story secrets. We will also get to see Fez’s grandma in the upcoming episode.

Further, we will see some drug operations from her grandma. So it makes it the much-awaited episode of Euphoria Season 2. And last but not least, Did Fez die in Euphoria Season 2? Let’s get straight to the point.

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Did Fez die in Euphoria Season 2: The Finale Spoilers and Release Date

As per the last episode that premiered on HBO, we don’t get to see Fez. But is he dead or alive? Let us know.

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After Ashtray murdered Custer, Fez already knew about the winning. He knew that no one is gonna win in this situation. Fez then destroyed Custer’s phone. He dropped his phone in a cup which was full of Gulp.

Fez wanted that the authorities should take the fall of Ashtray and should take him away. However, Fez hit Ashtray on the face and keep the murder weapon in his hand. And then fez asks Ashtray to give up.

However, Ash doesn’t listen to Fez and starts gathering weapons in the bathroom. After that, he starts shooting through the door. The SWAT team then arrives at the house. In the meantime, Fez tries to get Ash out but his efforts don’t last long and he failed.

Ash then starts shooting at SWAT and Ash gets stuck in the middle where he gets the shot. Then the SWAT team takes him away, however, he is still alive.

There is no official release date for the upcoming episode of Euphoria Season 2.

So this was all about Did Fez Die in Euphoria Season 2? Finale Spoilers, Release Date. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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