Everyone is talking about MS Dhoni in a new avatar. What is the mystery behind this? Why it is so trolling on social media?

As we all know MS Dhoni is still being our real-life hero and a role model as he was a captain of the Indian Team. Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date is mentioned in this Article.  He has brought an amazing gift for their fans, he pictured himself in the official motion poster in a new Avatar (Character).

Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date
Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date

He launched the first look of his upcoming graphic novel which got aired through various social media platforms. This is the first digital graphical novel which is named ATHARVA- The Origin. Ramesh Thamilmani is the author of that novel.

Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date on Social Media

MS Dhoni tried something special for their fans in a Sci-fi novel. He also announced himself as “My New Avatar” on his Official Facebook handle and shows himself up in a Superhero look.

You can watch this teaser on the official Facebook handle. This will also create an impact on the upcoming IPL (Indian Premier League). This will also boost up fans for IPL.  Mega auction has been scheduled to be held on the 12th and 13th of Bengaluru.

Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date: Character details of Dhoni

This new look created a different fanbase and gathered millions of likes and comments and still been sharing throughout the social media. The character in which he appears looks like a warrior holding weapon in both of his hand. He is surrounded by the dangerous and big-shaped demons and seems like Thala attacking on the demons. Very first time Dhoni is looks in Aghori Look.

Overview of Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date

This motion poster was released on the 02nd February 2022 on this Wednesday. Final release date is not announced yet. This digtal graphical novel is presented by Virzu studios which is associated with MIDAS Deals Pvt Ltd. MVM Vel Mohan had showed up and get this project done by heping of their team memebers. Later it was finally done as in motion-Picture is done by Ajithkumar manikandan.

Managing directorr of Dhoni Entertainment Sakshi Singh Dhoni who is also the wife of MS Dhoni, spokes about producing the series. Atharva is an upcoming novel which shows the Old Myth and the culture our historical stories.

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There is sad news for all the Thala fans that he is retiring from Cricket slowly, recently he retired from International cricket in 2019 and now slowly he trying his hand in several fields. We all know multi-talented he is and always trying to exploring himself in different fields.

you can save this page for every kind of updates regarding Atharva- The Origin.

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FAQs- Atharva Graphical Novel Release Date

  1. Who is behind Atharva The Origin?
  2. Who is the author of the book?
  3. Why dhoni is casting as in Atharva?


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