Worlds End Harem is originally a Japanese Manga Series that was then converted into anime series. Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date is out now. In this anime, the main plot is how a world regains its balance after losing billions of men due to a virus named M.K VIRUS. The protagonist of this anime REITO MIZUHARA is a young man who has put cryostasis for 5 years to cure the rare disease he suffers. But when he returns from cryostasis he discovers that 99.9% of the world’s male population has suffered death. And he is selected for an important mission to replenish the world’s male population.

Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date is out now. Check below for more Information

Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date
Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date

Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date and Time Revealed

Worlds End Harem episode 3 release date is out now. After so long finally on 15th January 2022 episode 2 will be out. World’s End Harem episode 3 release date is on 22nd January 2022, Saturday 12:30 am midnight.

World’s End Harem episode 2 raw (without subtitle) is already out now.

Countdown of World’s End Harem episode 3

Since, World’s End Harem episode 3 release date is on 22nd January, 2022. This means another new plot is going to unveil.

Yes! Only 7 days left for episode 3 to come out.

Worlds End Harem Episode 3 Release Date Overview

Name of the AnimeWorld’s End Harem
Genre‎Near Future, Erotic, Suspense, Dystopia, and Science Fiction
World’s End Harem Episode 3 Release DateJanuary 22, 2022
Countdown7 Days

Spoilers of Worlds End Harem Episode 3

In previous episode we saw that Reito reveals himself to the world and promises them that he would create an antidote for this MK virus and wanted everyone’s support in this new mission.

And in the last scene we get to see the agent of the third man to be come out of cryostasis named Karen Kamiya. The name of third man is Shota Doi. We will see his life before he was put to cryostasis in this episode 3. He was a 3rd year student in high school in year 2040 and was bullied a lot because of his weak appearance and personality. But he had a crush on his teacher Mira Suou.

When he wakes up in year 2045 after his cryostasis state. A beautiful girl asked him whether he would like to restart his high school life. This beautiful girl is his assigned agent Karen-Chan.

And then his new life began with him being the only guy in his whole school. Surrounded by beautiful girls and even his teacher which he had a crush on. Everyone treated him with respect this time. He started to have relation with his teacher.

Platforms to WatchWorlds End Harem Episode 3

All the episodes of World’s End Harem are officially available on Crunchyroll. You can watch the episodes as they release but you have to subscribe to Crunchyroll. As to watch any anime this need a subscription.

This episode is also available on site and you can even watch this in uncensored, HD quality on this site after subscribing to this site.

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More about Worlds End Harem

World’s End Harem is a manga series by Link and illustrated by Kotaro Shouno. The manga is completed till chapter 85-THE NEW ERA. You can read this manga on many sites. According to this manga has a rating of 6.20 (scored by 12,787 users).

According to imdb this anime got 7/10 rating.

Which is not bad at all. But still this is not satisfactory for many anime fans out there.

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