Fans from all around the world praise Berserk for its grim tale and characters. Will there be a Berserk chapter 364 is out now. In October 1997, a 24-episode anime adaptation of the manga was released. The news of Kentarou Miura’s death from aortic dissection in May 2021, however, shocked the whole community. Berserk includes 363 chapters and five narrative arcs, with the most recent one being released on January 22nd, 2021. When the creator died, though, saddened admirers began to worry if the manga series would be continued, will there be a Berserk chapter 364?

Will there be a Berserk chapter 364
Will there be a Berserk chapter 364

Berserk chapter 364 Release Date

Will there be a Berserk chapter 364?

Berserk Chapter 364, most likely Kentaro Miura’s final chapter, was announced by Young Animal Comics. Fans may read this Berserk chapter which was issued on March 23, 2021.

A booklet titled “Messages to Kentarou Miura” will be included with the edition.

To be clear, Young Animal Comics has not confirmed will there be a Berserk chapter 364 or the manga series would continue following the death of the creator.

It’s possible that Chapter 364 will be the final chapter of Berserk, will there be a Berserk chapter 364?

In any case, it’s difficult to draw any conclusions without hearing from the publisher or Miura’s assistant.

Berserk chapter 364 Read Online

On Crunchyroll and VRV, you can read the latest chapter of Berserk. Although there are other websites that provide the series, watching them is not legal. You should be aware that watching your series on unrecognized websites does greater harm to the also has all the chapters of Bersek available. And you can finally get the answer of will there be a Berserk chapter 364.

Berserk Last Chapter

‘Berserk’ is the longest-running and best-selling manga of all time. Kentaro Miura, a beloved novelist who died with heart issues in May 2021, was taken away for decades.

The manga world was shaken by the tragic death of the legend, as well as the fear that Berserk 363 might be the final chapter ever, will there be a Berserk chapter 364? Young Animal Comics, on the other hand, alleviated some of the anxiety by announcing the release of Berserk 364. This chapter, on the other hand, may be the famed author and illustrator Kentaro Miura’s final effort.

The new chapter is labelled “latest,” implying that it isn’t yet complete. Instead, it will be a tribute issue dedicated to Miura’s work, including a special “Messages to Kentaro Miura” booklet and a poster depicting some of his most famous scenes.

So our answer is clear for the question will there be a Berserk chapter 364?

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Berserk chapter 364 Spoilers

Young Animal, the series’ publishers, have posted a new teaser for Berserk, the series’ last chapter, online. It may be the final time fans see famous characters Guts, Casca, and their fellow warriors all together.

The official Twitter page for Berserk Chapter 364, the first chapter to be released following its creator Kentaro Miura’s death, can be found here. Berserk Chapter 364 preview, the first chapter to drop in since its creator Kentaro Miura‘s death can be visited on its official twitter page.

Berserk 364 will continue the tale that began in Chapter 363. According to the teaser, Guts will meet the strange boy who has come and vanished multiple times throughout his quest in the previous chapter. The encounter between Casca and the boy will be commemorated in the Berserk 364 chapter. It will be their first encounter since Casca’s previous loss of consciousness.

Furthermore, according to the teaser, chapter 364 will include a strange character with white hair similar to Griffith’s. It is yet to be determined whether the individual is Griffith himself. In this chapter, the mystery of the enigmatic identity may be revealed. A little humanoid with a thin form, similar to Caska, may also be seen emerging from a door.

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