Peacemaker, a new member of the Suicide Squad played by John Cena, will get his own TV program in the middle of January 2022. Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date is out now. This one is a new web series based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name. James Gunn is developing the series as a spin-off to “The Suicide Squad,” which will be released in 2021. On January 13, 2022, the first season premiered.

Peacemaker is a live-action show that follows Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, an extreme killer who believes he’s on a mission to bring peace to the world and would kill anybody to get there. There’s no need to use your search engine; here’s all you need to know about Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Online Streaming, and more.

Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date
Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date

Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date in UK, India, Australia

On Thursday, January 13th, 2022, Peacemaker blew out on HBO Max in the United States. The first three episodes were released on this launch day only while the fourth one was released on Thursday 20th January 2022.

The fifth episode of Peacemaker will air on HBO Max on Thursday, January 27 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time and 3:01 a.m. Eastern Time.

Release Timing in Various Countries

Below are the times of Peacemaker Episode 5 will Release on HBO Max around various parts of the world.

Time Country
12 AM The United States
8 AM The United Kingdom
9 AM Europe
1:30 PM India
7 PM Australia

Where to Watch Peacemaker Episode 5 Online, UK, India, Australia

Peacemaker is now available to view on HBO Max following its premiere on January 13th.

Peacemaker Episode 5 is available on HBO Max, for which you must first subscribe. Subscribers will be able to see all of Peacemaker’s episodes on the day it premieres.

Peacemaker Episode 5 is also available on Hulu, Xfinity, Youtube TV, Spectrum, and Direct TV, but you must have an HBO Max subscription to see it.

Previous and Upcoming episode of Peacemaker

The first season of The Peacemaker will consist of eight episodes. Each episode of Peacemaker lasts between 40 and 60 minutes. As previously stated, the first three episodes of Peacemaker will be published concurrently on January 13, 2021, with the next five episodes being released weekly on Thursdays.

Among which Peacemaker Episode 5 Release Date is Thursday January 27th, 2022 which is our main highlight.

Cast of the series Peacemaker

The first TV series in the DC Extended Universe is Peacemaker, an HBO Max superhero comedy series based on the vigilante of the same name. It is a spin-off of The Suicide Squad, and it will premiere in 2022. It was conceived by the film’s writer and director, James Gunn.

Main Characters

  • Christopher Smith portrays John Cena as a peacemaker (season 1)
  • Leota Adebayo is played by Danielle Brooks (season 1)
  • Freddie Stroma (Adrian Chase) as Vigilante (season 1)
  • Emilia Harcourt is played by Jennifer Holland (season 1)
  • John Economos is played by Steve Agee (season 1)
  • Clemson Murn’s Chukwudi Iwuji (season 1)
  • Auggie Smith is played by Robert Patrick (season 1)
  • Sophie Song is played by Annie Chang (season 1)
  • Larry Fitzgibbon is played by Lochlyn Munro (season 1)
  • Keeya Adebayo is played by Elizabeth Faith Ludlow (season 1)
  • Jamil is played by Rizwan Manji (season 1)
  • Alison Araya in the role of Amber Calcaterra (season 1)
  • Evan Calcaterra, played by Lenny Jacobson (season 1)
  • Judomaster Nhut Le (season 1)
  • Antonio Cupo in the role of Royland Goff (season 1)

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Recap of Peacemaker Episode 4

The fourth episode of Peacemaker shifted the focus to Vigilante, who went out to save his friend. There’s a lot of set-up in this chapter, between infiltrating the jail to assault Auggie and a significant disclosure concerning Murn’s actual identity.

With our convenient (and extensive) summary, we’ve covered the whole episode, outlining all of the major storey aspects and examining each chapter with an accompanying review.


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