Fans of the South Korean drama Boys Over Flowers (Netflix, Viki, Tubi, Hulu), the Chinese (or Taiwanese) Meteor Garden (Netflix), or the original, Japanese Hana Yori Dango will be pleased to learn that a fresh rendition of the classic narrative is coming to streaming channels from Thailand. F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date is out now,[.

“TBA” is the title of the forthcoming sixth episode of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.  It will premiere on GMM 25 on January 29, 2022.

F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date
F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date

F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date and Time

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers is back on a weekly schedule, with Episode 6 premiering on January 22, 2022, at 8.30 pm (Bangkok Time) – 8.30 am (ET) and 1.30 pm (PT) (GMT). The simultaneous worldwide broadcast on YouTube will include English subtitles, allowing you to watch alongside Thai fans.

It debuted on the GMM25 channel on December 18, 2021, at 8:30 p.m. ICT. The first episode of the Thai series has already captured the hearts of fans. The series will consist of 16 episodes, each lasting one hour and five minutes. F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date is 22 January 2022.

For the time being, below is the Thai version of Boys Over Flowers’ episode schedule according to the time slot:

Episode number Release Date
1 18 December 202
2 25 December 2021
3 1 January 2022
4 8 January 2022
5 15 January 2022
6 22 January 2022
7 29 January 2022
8 5 February 2022
9 12 February 2022
10 19 February 2022
11 26 February 2022
12 5 March 2022
13 12 March 2022
14 19 March 2022
15 26 March 2022
16 2 April 2022


Watch Online F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date UK, India, Australia

This new serial will run on Saturdays on GMM 25 for 16 episodes. It will be broadcast concurrently on GMMTV’s official YouTube page and on the streaming platform Viu throughout the world.

You can watch after F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date is 22 January, 2022.

 F4 Thailand Episode 6 Spoilers

The plot of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers revolves around a school for the wealthy, which is ruled by four men who have an excess of luxury, money, and good looks. They are both feared and adored by those who surround them.

A girl from outside upends their applecart, oblivious to the norms and uninterested in learning them. She’s only there to attend classes. Until she has a run-in with F4’s leader, which sets off a series of skirmishes that finally reveal glimmers of romance.

Remember to watch this show on F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date is 22 January, 2022.

 F4 Thailand English Dub

‘F4 Thailand,’ starring Win Metawin, Bright Vachirawit, Tu Tontawan, Dew, and Hirunkit Changkham, has received an amazing rating in addition to its global appeal. Every episode of the show has received over a million views so far.

The drama now has a 9.1 IMDb rating and an 8.4 My Drama List rating.

And its available in English Dub all over the world. So go and enjoy watching on F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date.

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 F4 Thailand Episode 6 plotline

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers is a reworking of the classic narrative of a regular girl whose brain places her in a privileged school where the charismatic and powerful head of the school’s greatest bully gang, F4, targets her with his cruel pranks. Her calm and tranquil existence will be flipped upside down for the rest of her life, and she may have fallen a little in love with him.

The series, directed by Patha Thongpan and co-produced by GMMTV and Parbdee Taweesuk, was initially revealed on GMMTV’s “New & Next” event on October 15, 2019. A teaser clip revealed the cast in September 2020, and a fake trailer was published on December 3, 2020. And don’t forget F4 Thailand Episode 6 Release Date is 22 January, 2022.

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