In the year 2020, ALTBalaji‘s hilarious series Dev DD made a comeback after a long break. Dev DD season 3 Release Date is out now. The creators have returned with the second season of Dev DD, following the predictable reception to the first season. You’ll find out all you need to know about Dev DD Season 3 release date, cast, trailer, and more right here.

Dev DD season 3 Release Date
Dev DD season 3 Release Date

Dev DD season 3 Release Date

The 2nd season of Dev DD was published to the public on February 20th, 2020. ALTBalaji and Zee5 were supposed to broadcast it. The fans had to wait almost four years to see the second season. There are no official announcements about the Dev DD season 3 Release Date, but we may anticipate it in one and a half years, at the end of 2022.

So, we can conclude that the Dev DD season 3 Release Date is not officially announced, we will update as soon as it comes.

Summary of Season 1

It is a modern Devdas that emphasizes sexism, homophobia, feminism, and many other issues that are suppressed in society communities. The plot centers on Vicky (Asheema Vardaan), a girl who society frowns upon. She drinks, smokes, admits how much she enjoys sex, and considers herself a feminist at heart. Men and some conservative women commonly characterize such a girl as a slut or characterless. Her father, on the other hand, is proud of her and loves her just the way she is. Vicky meets Paro with whom she instantly falls in love and suffers heartbreak. Vicky falls in love with Anurag for the second time, this time as an adult.

Summary of Season 2

Devika (Vicky) is an example of a female who smokes or drinks and is not viewed as having a decent character. She drinks, smokes, and considers herself a feminist. Not only that, but she openly admits to enjoying sex. In a nutshell, we may describe her as brave and audacious. Devika, on the other hand, is having a lot of issues in her personal life. She is also her father’s pride, and no matter how she is or acts, her father loves her warts and all. The plot is never complete without the primary character’s love interest, and Parth is filling that role. Vicky meets him in this series and eventually falls in love with him, but she is subsequently crushed.

Storyline of Dev DD Season 3

As already said, Dev DD season 3 Release Date has not yet announced but we have some presumptions about whats going to be in Season 3.

Devika did fall in love with Anurag after healing over Parth, and her love life has failed yet again. Anurag abandoned her only when she needed him the most. She gets depressed and can’t stop thinking about him, but she attempts to pull herself together after a while. Devika is attempting to reclaim the girl she once was. Furthermore, she begins to support Chandni’s LGBT marriage. In the middle of all of this, Anurag passes away, and Devika and Aditi strive to figure out who is to blame for his death.

To know more we have to wait for Dev DD season 3 Release Date, so guys have some patience, Dev DD is going to rock again.

Cast members of Dev DD

When a narrative has a solid cast, it becomes much more powerful. As a result, this series boasts a strong ensemble that portrays their characters in a naturalistic manner. Devika “Vicky” Dwivedi, played by Ashima Vardaan, is the key character. Akhil Kapur plays Parth, while Rashmi Agdekar and Sanjay Suri portray Chandni and Anurag, respectively, in this web series. Sandeep Pandey and Rumana Molla, who play Shrikant and Radha, are also part of the major cast. At long last, Jason Shah takes on the role of Philip.

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It’s showing 2 new characters Paritosh entering into Devika’s life and Aditi entering into Anurag’s life. It will be an interesting trip as these claimed love intrigues enter their lives. It’s about Devika, her life, her adventure, and how she sticks up for her friends, family, and what she believes is right.

We may get more new casts, to know about them we have to wait till Dev DD season 3 Release Date.

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