Why is Eddie Leaving 911? Yes, you heard it right. Ryan Guzman aka Eddie will be leaving the 911 web series. So why is he doing that? Below, find out more on Why is Eddie Leaving 911? Ryan Guzman Leaving 9-1-1? Christmas Episode, Fall Finale Shocker.

Why is Eddie Leaving 911?

Why is Eddie Leaving 911?

For all the excitement that ABC’s 9-1-1 was able to achieve in its freshman season, the series’ fall finale provided viewers with a dramatic cliffhanger of epic proportions — and one we’re not yet ready to return from.

All we want for Christmas is more 9-1-1, but it looks like we might have to wait until the holidays are over to see what’s next for Buck and Eddie. In Tuesday’s fall finale, Ryan was shot at a hidden heroin stash house by Jodi, who took a bullet herself in the process. The cops began questioning Dealing with Logic.

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In Wednesday’s episode of “911”, Eddie finds himself in a hard position. Christopher can’t fall asleep on Christmas Eve because he knows his father will be called out to work the night shift, prompting this heartbreaking speech. He said that he will be putting up a Christmas tree by himself. Further, he is also worried about the last time situation. He wanted to decorate the Christmas tree but couldn’t.

If this may be his last Christmas with his father, Christopher doesn’t want to spend it worrying about whether Eddie will make it home for the holidays.

Eddie’s made a lot of friends since joining the LA Fire Department, but now it looks like he might be ready to move on. After all, he did ask his boss to help him find another job. If Eddie does leave the show next season, will you watch the long-running show without him?

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Why is Eddie Leaving 911? Ryan Guzman Leaving 9-1-1?

Guzman, who plays Eddie Guerra, announced this week that he decided to leave his hit CBS comedy, which comes at the end of season six. He has made a very difficult decision and wants to thank everyone for the support of his character,” a rep for the show said.

Christopher Livingston is too worried about him out in the field. Because of that, he feels like it’s necessary and he didn’t want Buck, Hen, or anyone else to hear it from someone other than himself.

Eddie Guzman has decided that it’s time for him to leave the NYPD. That’s what he told his peers at the end of last week’s episode. The character had been worried about his safety while out on patrol with them and felt like he was becoming too much of a burden instead of assistance.


To sum up, Guzman aka Eddie will finally be leaving the show. He has to make this decision in the end, which was difficult for him. According to news reports, he will make his comeback in the next season but as of now, he has to go. But all we can say is that we should wait for the next episode to be released. The next episode will completely clear the current situation and Why is Eddie leaving 911.

When it comes to its comeback, then it is expected that he will make his comeback in the next season. He will be coming back in the 6th season of 911. And the next season will be released in the next year.

So, this was all about Why is Eddie Leaving 911? Ryan Guzman Leaving 9-1-1? Christmas Episode, Fall Finale Shocker. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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