Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 13 Release Date | spoiler | Total episodes count | Where to watch it

Now we are breaking up release date is one of the most awaited subjects these days. It has high demand among Korean romantic drama lovers. The reason behind its unmatchable popularity is its cast and storyline which has something unexpected with every upcoming episode.  There is a lot of buzz about Now we are breaking up the episode 13 release date. To fulfill this great demand we are here with all the information that you need regarding the show.

Here, we will provide you with all the related information about that. We will introduce you with all the updates along with its release date of episode 16, total episode count, spoilers, how can you watch it at your current location. So scroll down to grab all the required information about this nostalgic drama.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 13 Release Date
Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 13 Release Date

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 13 Release Date

As the title refers to itself, it is a romantic drama that includes a modern-day love scenario between two couples. It has shown every facet of today’s love and breakup very emotionally and beautifully.

It starts with a girl named Ha Young Eun, a team leader at the nation’s top fashion company. She was a perfect blend of beauty, intelligence, and hard work. She has always prioritized her work over her relationship. This has led to a great professional life but a poor personal one.

Her life took an unexpected 360• turn when she interacted with Yoon Jae Kook, a freelance photographer. He was like a dream man with great looks, intelligence, and wealth. 

This drama takes you on a very emotional journey. Here, you will witness their inclination towards each other, the reason behind their separation, and so on. To experience it, you have to see the whole series.

 Total episode counts –

Till today, 11 episodes out of 16  of Now we are breaking up have already been released. Here is the list of all the telecasted episodes with dates-

  1. Blind date -12 nov,2021
  2. Mysterious photo buyers in Paris-13 Nov, 


  1. How Young Eun broke up with SooWon-19 nov, 2021
  2. Young Eun having a hard time -20nov, 2021
  3. Surprise encounter at the police station-26 nov, 2021
  4. Yoo Jung’s memories of Soowoon-27 Nov 2021
  5. Do Hoon acting strange- 3 Dec 2021
  6. The cancellation notice from hills-4 dec,2021

9.Invitation- 10 Dec 2021

  1. Young Eun waiting for Jae gooks call-11 dec, 2021
  2. episode 11- 17 December 2021
  3. Episode 12- 24 December 2021
  4. Episode 13- 25 December 2021
  5. Episode 14- 1 January 2022
  6. Episode 15- 7 January 2022
  7. Episode 16- 8 January 2022.

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According to several sites, Now we are breaking up episode 13 release date is 25 December 2021. It is the tentative date. But you don’t have to bother about that. We will keep updating you regarding the names of episodes and their official releasing dates.

Where to watch the episodes of Now we breaking up?

 The original network of this show is SBS TV. Other than that you can check it on Rakuten Viki after it gets aired on SBS TV. It is also available on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and so on.


 In this section, we are going to summarise the whole article. We are hoping that we have dealt with all the probable queries related to Now we are breaking up episode 13 release date, its plots, total episode counts, how and where you can watch it etc. If we get any further detail regarding this we will keep updating you. 

So stay tuned with us and if you have any unsolved queries please mention them in the comment section. We will try our level best to solve it.

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